10 tech scaleups by black and multiracial founders making great strides in the UK in 2021 – UKTN (UK Technology News

Recently, Tech Nation, a leading growth platform for UK tech companies, announced 30 companies joining its newest growth programme, Libra. This program is designed to equip ambitious Black and multiracial entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools and networks they need to scale their business in today’s world.
Quite often, black and multiracial founders face barriers in accessing VC investment, which can be directly linked to racial bias, creating additional challenges to overcome in their scaling journey.
Tech Nation’s new Libra programme comprises Black heritage founders that hail from all areas of the UK. Interestingly, 43 percent of the companies are led by female founders, reflecting Tech Nation’s commitment to supporting underrepresented innovators that have an ambition to scale.
Through the Libra programme, Tech Nation is also supporting companies helping the UK’s journey to Net Zero. Here are 10 scaleups headed by multiracial and black founders in the UK.
Founder/s: Anna Samuels
Founded year: 2016
London-based Boxx offers flexible at-home and studio workouts across boxing, HIIT, Strength and Yoga and serves every type of customer, regardless of fitness levels, age, body shape or size. The boxing-inspired fitness brand has both a digital content platform and a physical studio. Currently, the company is developing ‘the peloton of boxing’, which is a connected product designed to blend in beautifully at home. It works with the mission to inspire self belief through boxing-inspired fitness and making it accessible to everyone.
In June this year, Cornerstone Partners led a seed round into Boxx. The investment will drive forward plans to accelerate Boxx’s content strategy, hire additional staff and further develop its offering with the launch of a connected fitness product.
Founder/s: Chathura Sudharshan
Founded year: 2019
An automated sourcing platform from Nottingham, Chanodil helps brands build faster, leaner and more responsible supply chains. The company aims to help connect fashion manufacturers, suppliers, fashion designers and buyers with each other via its unique online platform. Its mission is to create the world’s most trusted supply chains, offer the most responsible and innovative sourcing solutions and provide the most seamless experience for both brands and manufacturers.
Founder/s: Nnamdi Emelifeonwu, Feargus Macdaeid
Founded year: 2017
An award-winning legal technology startup from London, Definely allows you to quickly access and edit defined references in legal documents without losing the context of your review. Law firms and in-house legal teams such as Dentons, Deloitte and Allen & Overy use Definely to simplify the process of reviewing documents, increase efficiency and improve the accuracy of their review. The company leverages artificial intelligence to make drafting, reviewing and understanding of legal documents seamless.
Earlier this year, Definely secured $3 million funding led by Microsoft’s venture fund, M12 along with participation from CRE Venture Capital. The funds will be used to stimulate its product development, increase the number of innovative minds in its team, and help drive the company’s expansion into markets beyond the United Kingdom.
Founder/s: Daniel Ojeme, Ben Metson
Founded year: 2019
Headquartered in London, Eccobell is a “contactless as a service” provider, which builds an ecosystem of on-demand web applications using contactless technology to innovate how people access, communicate and interact with each other. Their first product is a “video doorbell as a service” for houses, apartments and commercial buildings, enabling anyone, anywhere to communicate with guests at just a tap. Residents can also leave messages for guests. Eccobell takes away the hassle that comes with video doorbells and intercom systems.
Founder/s: Andrew Eniwumide
Founded year: 2021
Based out of London, Happaning is an AR-based solution that captures, shares, and relives events with friends. It allows users to view and watch an event from different perspectives in a superimposed environment. It enables navigation between points in real-time. It is something like Google Street view but with video. Happaning lets you watch an event from any perspective, anytime and anywhere in one immersive and navigable experience.
Founder/s: Jamaal Brathwaite
Founded year: 2021
The world’s first video interactive jobsite, Jobseekrs from Manchester, uses psychometric culture-fit and takes the unconscious bias out of matching great candidates to suitable roles. The job portal allows for a more diverse recruitment onboarding process, which in turn enhances candidate engagement, employer branding, reduction in user time and cost employee retention. The company’s mission is to become the primary and most unbiased job search and matching engine on the internet while ensuring that everyone is better engaged with and has more equal chances at all job opportunities.
Founder/s: Alecia Esson
Founded year: 2017
Hatfield-based NxSteps is a digital healthcare solutions company focused on maximising human performance through the knowledge of biomechanics. It operates a blended economic model of both traditional product revenue and SaaS-based app-delivered technology. Its IoT-powered wearable smart insole, application and AI voice coach aids professional and everyday athletes to achieve their health and fitness goals by optimising performance whilst preventing injuries in an objective, understandable, actionable and repeatable way to ensure physical longevity.
Founder/s: Aldin Wilson
Founded year: 2019
A transport tech startup with its headquarters in Edinburgh, Trapar connects customers to quality local transport operators. The Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) gathers comprehensive requirements and shares these with vetted operators. Trapar can provide quality assurance for customers and efficiency for operators.
It makes personalised transport hire an easy and quick process. By making it seamless to plan, book, and pay for transport, Traper eyes to see more people book group transport, so that there are less cars on the roads and contribute to the climate change efforts.
Founder/s: Julian Mensah
Founded year: 2019
Another mobility-as-a-service provider from Bristol, Voltric is dedicated to making the growing demand for all forms of mobility practical, sustainable and efficient. The all-inclusive electric vehicle subscription service allows consumers to access a range of road-ready, electric cars all for one price per month without the concerns of managing insurance, tax, and everything that is needed to get onto the road.
Founder/s: Dan Sodergren
Founded year: 2018
Manchester-based Your FLOCK is a SaaS platform that uses data and science behind what motivates people at work to enable teams to be more productive and engaged. It is working on machine learning-driven software that helps managers coach their teams by providing users with activities tailored to their motivations and designed to help them be more ‘in-sync’ and work more effectively as a team.
Dan Sodergren, Co-Founder and CIO, Your FLOCK, commented: “Your FLOCK are very proud to be on the Libra programme. And what this means. As we are a remote work tech startup committed to diversity and inclusion. With a multi generational and multicultural tech team. With more than 60% of the team as POC and our board and advisors are more than 60% women. We know that one way to make a difference is to be the difference.”