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We kick off a new month with our usual tech news roundup. What happened this weekend?
Meta, the new name of Facebook, is beginning to be noticed. WhatsApp is now called WhatsApp Meta.
They unveil the first real photos of Intel graphics cards, the first in 20 years.
We recommend our Samsung QLED Q60A TV review and from Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 watch. Also reports such as the best Android emulators for PC, how to get cheap flights and travel, the 20 best horror movies of the last decade, How to install Windows 10 and 11 on your PC at the same time, how to choose a heat accumulator, and much more.
WhatsApp adds Meta to its name, so you know that it is part of the new Metaverse. Read the news
After Dogecoin and Shiba Inu the experts look for the next ‘hit’ and they already have a candidate. Read the news
Roblox does not work: millions of children will not be able to celebrate Halloween with their virtual friends. Read the news
10 tips from the OCU to avoid being affected by the time change. Read the news
NVIDIA launches the most powerful GPU to mine cryptocurrencies, costs more than 4,000 euros. Read the news
iFixit laughs at ‘dismembering’ Apple’s 25-euro chamois. Read the news
This could be the first real image of the Xiaomi 12, which would also arrive in a Lite version. Read the news
Finally the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would be presented at CES 2022. Read the news
How to do reverse image searches on Android. Read the tutorial
This Windows 12 concept has everything Windows 11 lacks. Read the news
What is the new eDisplayPort 1.5 standard, and why it will save battery life on notebooks. Read the news
How to choose the best WiFi channel according to the congestion of your neighborhood. Read the tutorial
The new iMac Pro would bet on a mini LED screen at its launch in the first half of 2022. Read the news
These are the first real images of the expected Intel graphics cards. Read the news
New features specific to Windows 11 would arrive in the form of a new set of updates. Read the news
Top 10 Android Emulators for PC. Read the report
How to have two operating systems on the same PC: Windows 10 and Windows 11. Read the tutorial
The viral trick to clean your fryer without oil and leave it as new in seconds. Read the news
How to use Tor to securely send files. Read the tutorial
Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 worth it? Analysis and opinion of the new Active
How to get cheap flights and travel. Read the report
Guide to buying a cheap home alarm with motion sensors. Read the report
Guide to buying a heat accumulator to heat your house without breaking the bank. Check the buying guide
Tricks to remove the bad smell from shoes with products that you have at home. Read the news
How to know if you are using too much detergent in the washing machine and throwing money down the drain. Read the news
We have subjected the spectacular 55 ”Samsung QLED Q60A TV to all kinds of tests. Read our analysis and opinion
The 20 best horror movies of the last decade to enjoy being scared. Check the list
They create efficient autonomous boats that will navigate the canals of Amsterdam. Read the news
This is how the Boston Dynamics robot dances, one of the best songs from The Rolling Stones. Read the news
They find a 100-million-year-old crab perfectly preserved in amber, down to the last hair on its legs. Read the news
A businessman faces 20 years in prison for spending $ 57,000 of a Covid loan on a Pokémon card. Read the news
This is the largest Ferris wheel in the world, and it just opened in Dubai. Read the news
What does the letter of the DNI mean and the curious reason why only 23 letters are used. Read the news
This has been the tech news summary of the day. Have a nice day!
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