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Microsoft has released the first stable version of the new Microsoft Edge web browser for Linux. When Microsoft announced the switch to a Chromium-based web browser in late 2018, it confirmed that the new Edge would be available for additional platforms. The classic version of Microsoft Edge was released only for Windows 10, and that limitation was one reason why it was not that successful.
The company released the first public preview of Microsoft Edge for Linux in late 2020, about ten months after the first stable versions of the new browser were released for Windows and Mac OS X.
The initial release supported Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE officially. Microsoft did not reveal a schedule for the release of the first stable version of Edge for Linux. A Beta version was released for Linux eventually, but it took Microsoft until late October 2021 to release the first stable build of Edge for Linux.
Naked Security spotted the stable build first on the Yum repository. The first stable build of Edge for Linux has the file name microsoft-edge-stable-95.0.1020.38-1.x86_64.rpm, the second build, released a day after the first, has the file name microsoft-edge-stable-95.0.1020.40-1.x86_64.rpm. RPM files are Red Hat Package Manager edge stable linuxMicrosoft provides .rpm and .deb packages on its Microsoft Edge Insider website, and it is very likely that these formats will also be provided for the stable version, once Microsoft makes the official announcement and updates the stable Edge website.
You can check out the repository index for new releases at any time, or to download stable, beta and developer builds of Microsoft Edge for Linux.
Microsoft did not announce the official release of Edge for Linux yet on the Microsoft Edge website, or anywhere else to the best of my knowledge. Only the Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android versions are highlighted on the official edge websiteMicrosoft Edge Stable is now available for all operating systems that Microsoft wants to support.
Now You: do you use Microsoft’s browser?
Who in his right mind will let anything Microsoft into his Linux machine, let alone a browser ?
ilev, my thoughts exactly.
That’s what I was thinking,you are using Linux to move on from Microsoft.
If you use Linux, you do.
“Microsoft is a member of not only the Linux Foundation but also the Linux kernel security mailing list (a rather more select community). Microsoft is submitting patches to the Linux kernel “to create a complete virtualisation stack with Linux and Microsoft hypervisor”. ”
Quotes from
Yeah, I don’t even use their browser on Windows. Karma’s a bitch, and there are some sins that can never be forgiven. #ie6 #neverforget
There are some Linux users that are excited about it, it’s fast and whatever, but I personally don’t use it, because it requires a Microsoft account, I don’t have one and don’t intend to have one.
@ilev And do you have a problem with Chrome which is not fully open source either or Vivaldi which is not fully open source either or Opera which is not open source either? I mean, they are also available for Linux, do you also complain about them being on Linux and people choosing to use them everytime you see them mentioned?
And if you want to complain just about Chromium, well, Firefox supports censorship and deplaforming so they are not any better for the web, but they love Google’s money so I am sure they are okay about their fanbase shrinking as long as they get the easy money.
I mean, you sound like those ones that pretend that using Linux is somehow more private and safer and better than a Windows machine, while probably using facebook or twitter and having your google account opened with a gmail all the time, prove me wrong, once you connect to the internet you are not any different than a normal user using a browser on Windows.
The worst part is you get less applications so sometimes people are forced to choose between Apple or Microsoft, and they choose Microsoft because at least they can build their own machine and don’t pay premium prices for cheap crap components and a crappy processor like M1, I mean, usually Designing apps and photography apps = Windows or MacOS, but anyway that’s not the point.
Besides browsers mentioned, all you get are small forks, forks that have no real users numbers and just exist while saying “we are more private that the the guy above us” but they don’t do anything, they don’t release new features, they don’t have R&D or anything, the only one that is open source and does R&D and tries to do more than just removing code in their forks or pre-adding other people’s work like uBlock or something and then when those extensions get abandoned, sold or manifestv3 type behavior appears, then byebye because it is not something they were prepared to deal with.
So your comment is really ignorant because you make it sound like only Microsoft is the evil one and Linux is the holy land of privacy and liberty and never malicious actors get involved and try to bring their agendas and BS on top of the Linux FOSS fanboy type crap.
Just look at the ‘Linux Foundation” and tell me how is that even a good thing.
This is the reason people barely can stand Linux users, it is exactly what Blender fanboys do, apparently they only look at the price but they can’t even see how terrible the experience is compared to other commercial close source 3D application like Houdini or Zbrush. And then they ignore all the people putting money in Blender Foundation to bring their agendas and do the same because money is the only one that matters in the end and those developers get sold easily for it.
But if people want to use Office, Edge, Visual Code (which is really popular among platforms if you didn’t know that, and the userbase is increasing regardless of platform because it is good and free unlike Sublime and offers more than Notepad++ etc), and Outlook, and Windows in a second partition and Xbox console… it is their problem, not yours, so what do you even care about if people want to use Edge? Just don’t be ignorant and don’t pretend Edge is the worst because it belongs to Microsoft and it is not open source, when others even Vivaldi is like Microsoft in that regard, and the most used browser is Chrome which is made by Google.
@Marl Karx mic drop, good sir.
The world runs on Linux.
Windows is for office workers and videogaming kids, and righties like Marl complaining about invisible enemies.
Enjoy your ransomware and pirated software or whatever Windows users deal with these days. You’re the product.
Nothing wrong with Apple M1 chip either.
No kidding. What are they smoking.
Is the linux population that rotten yet that it’s going to want to use a Microsoft browser ? Possible.
Or in other words: Wolf in sheeps clothing now available for your freedom and privacy respecting sheepfarm. There is absolutely zero use for, or reason to, EVER EVER EVEEEEEEEEEEER install Edge on linux. Avoid this at any cost. IF you were drunk as s**t and installed it just for a laugh: After you sobered up, make some coffee and completely wipe your drive and reinstall your system. Seriously.
Oh Oh. I installed Edge on Linux Mint just to try it out and actually it’s pretty decent. Browsing speed is great. however that new tab page had to go, just gossipy news and info there. Replaced it with Tabby Cat extension for cute little virtual kitty cats as landlord here doesn’t allow pets.
I try to “privatize” it as much as possible. Using strict blocking helps a lot.
Regarding Linux and MS partnerships, was wondering on the kernel aspect if maybe an alternative kernel like Liquorix might be better for privacy/security.
I give Microsoft credit for porting Edge to Linux even with such a small market share potential. I used it for a short time in Ubuntu while doing some testing. Works way better then Firefox that’s for sure.
You could use Brave (Linux version) and have the same speed..
I’m not quite ready to transition to Linux. Waiting for Google, Youtube and a few others to craft their goodies for Linux… 🙂
The four people who will use this should be ecstatic. Browsers are the primary privacy compromiser in Linux, Chredge may be the most astute at data collection.
MS’s putzing with Linux waxes and wanes, we’ll see MS selling Linux computers again at some point.
I am quit pleased to see that Microsoft Edge stable for Linux is available because its a good thing for Linux. This is good thing for the further development/possibility’s from the o.s. Linux.
Its good to have a least two distinct browsers on any operating system platform.
But on my personal system’s that will be not Microsoft Edge.
By the way on Linux (Raspberry & Windows also) Mozilla Firefox is the absolute number one for me. I dabble with the number two browser between Pale moon and Vivaldi
It all comes down to preference using any ‘blink’ rendering browser.
Although polluting any linux distro with a ‘target vector’ is not my idea of security.
Consider Brave if one prefers privacy and security in Windows or Linux, the browser update cadence is similar to Edge timewise..
Let me know when it’s released for Pi OS.
Edge has pretty good parental controls through MS Family and a nice “kids mode” that Firefox and Chrome lack. I wonder if those features are present on Linux.
I hope it comes with goodies like menu entries in the default text editor “Search with Bing” and that it also hijacks the default search method on any given system so we can all search for restaurants and cardealers with Bing, right there built-in in our application launchers! Hopefully they could also implement somehow that when you start your linux computer a microsoft account is required! Glorious times!
@Dumbledalf You don’t need a Microsoft account, what are you even talking about…. it is just like with Chrome/Chromium where you don’t need a Google account to use it, or Vivaldi, or Opera…. or Firefox, do you have a problem with them wanting you to use an account to sync and do that kind of stuff?
The only one that doesn’t require you an account is Brave, their method is different and privacy respecting sync feature because it can’t be linked to you and you don’t have to provide any information, but you are not only lying but also pretending like OTHER browsers are any different.
I cannot really see the advantage of edge for linux users..other chromium browsers are available.
Edge is what i would consider a browser of covenience for windows users and i feel microsoft are attempting to get into a sector they really do not belong.
>I cannot really see the advantage of edge for linux users..other chromium browsers are available.
True, but Edge is better than Chrome already, which many Linux users use
“invisible enemies” . Hahahhaa.
I guess it’s true the frog doesn’t know when it’s being boiled to death.

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