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Northeast Delta HSA’s mobile app puts power in the hands of the people
Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (NEDHSA) announces the relaunch of its mobile app, a technology advancement developed to increase access to primary and behavioral healthcare services for persons with mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive disorders.
NEDHSA Executive Director Dr. Monteic A. Sizer said the agency recognizes the importance of using innovative technology to meet health and human service needs, “especially in the rural communities of northeast Louisiana.”
"As our world changes, our ability to reach others changes with it. Technology allows us to meet the needs of more people, more quickly. With our innovative and free mobile app, we put the power in the hands of the people," Dr. Sizer said. “Various web, text, app, and related phone-based technologies have been shown to prevent suicides, acts of violence, gambling binges, and an array of other critical societal challenges.”
The NEDHSA mobile app features a one-tap direct access to behavioral health services; description of available behavioral and primary health care services; mental health and addictive disorder clinic locations; information about developmental disabilities services; and other agency, state, regional, and national helplines for additional resources.
NEDHSA's mobile app isn't the first and only time the authority has innovated its services or access to service through technology. For more than eight years, NEDHSA has been a catalyst to meet the needs of northeast Louisiana’s most vulnerable populations.
Dr. Sizer said when NEDHSA’s patients shared not having employment opportunities, the agency created Second Opportunity Workforce Solutions; when they mentioned not having a place to live, NEDHSA established transitional housing opportunities; when they said they had food insecurities, the agency partnered with the Food Bank of NELA; and transportation challenges, NEDHSA built telehealth capabilities, developed a fully equipped integrated health care mobile unit, and now offers an array of school and community-based health and wellness services. The app is one more facet of NEDHSA's nationally recognized, integrative behavioral health primary care approach.
“Our app release is part of our Rise Above Stigma campaign, designed to understand further the barriers to health-seeking mental and primary health care services,” Dr. Sizer said.
The NEDHSA app can be downloaded onto Android devices from the Google Play Store or by searching for NE Delta HSA.
Dr. Sizer added: "We consistently use technology to help advance the quality of the services we provide. We also enable our clients to have instant access to information so they can experience life to its fullest."
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