GMA News and Public Affairs launches digital series on science and technology 'Next Now' – GMA News Online

GMA News and Public Affairs Digital has launched "Next Now," a new weekly video series dedicated to science and technology.
The first episode premiered on Tuesday, featuring a humanoid robot called Ai-Da who can make art using algorithms programmed into her arms. She was developed by a team of 30 engineers and experts.
"Next Now" will highlight similar stories of researchers and inventors pushing the frontiers of what can be achieved using science, technology, and human ingenuity.
"When we think of science or tech news, it's typically in the general zone of health, the climate, or the latest gadgets and accessories. Next Now will showcase more of the innovations and discoveries that we probably haven't seen yet—but can impact our lives in the near future," said executive producer Shai Lagarde.
Bernice Sibucao, Head of Digital Video and Audio for GMA News and Public Affairs, said the coronavirus pandemic showed the significant role of science and technology in our lives.
"The story of the COVID-19 vaccine also showed how we can achieve historical scientific breakthroughs if great minds all worked together and enough money and resources are allocated to research," she said.
"With Next Now's bitesized and easy-to-understand videos, we want to tell more stories like this that inspire and also educate our audience," she added.
"Next Now" is released on the GMA News Facebook page and YouTube channel,  as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 
—MGP, GMA News