'People. places. nature.'; Re-imagining University City as organization shares vision plan for future growth – WBTV

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – University City – the area known for UNC Charlotte and neighborhood communities – is evolving and University City Partners wants to help guide its future growth.
Think urban landscape – meets nature.
The University City vision plan gives you easy access to all the stores you love while also being close to greenery.
“I’ve got to say that I don’t think anywhere in Charlotte will change like we will in the next 20 years,” said Tobe Holmes with University City Partners.
University City Partners is an economic development organization. They created the University City vision plan called, “Connecting: People. Places. Nature.”
“We’re working on several other concepts like shuttle services and on-demand transportation so that people have other ways to get around,” Holmes said.
The University City vision plan has four focus areas.
The vision calls for urban transit-oriented development and for building a downtown around the JW Clay Station with easy access around North Tryon Street.
It also calls for providing 21st-century mobility.
“Urban development will very much land right on the light rail corridor and around our four light rail stations,” Holmes said.
It’s focused on building character and culture, as well as a greenbelt for biking, recreation, and easy access.
“Maybe gives you a place to sit or a piece of public art to admire in the process,” Holmes said.
“The goal for the University City vision plan is to take us into the future that gets us out of our cars and onto bikes, gives us places to walk, makes walking safer. It also lets us understand that the transit corridor will drastically change University City and we have to invest in that change,” Holmes said.
University City Partners put this plan out there. This will guide projects going on now through 2040.
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