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A family-run eye care center has its sights on a new beginning in Crystal. Crystal Vision Clinic broke ground Wednesday on its future home off County Road 81 near the Crystal Airport and next door to the Northwest Family Clinics building.
The new facility will allow the business to grow and keep up with an expanding number of patients. Crystal Vision Clinic is currently located on Douglas Drive, where it has been since the 1980s.
“Thankfully we continue to grow as a practice,” said Dr. Chase Endres, who took over the clinic from his father, Dr. Scott. Endres. “I think the way that we treat people, the patient experience, the high-quality care, we’re just finding that we need more space.”
The eye clinic will from 6,500 square feet currently to about 10,000 square feet at the new facility. The project will be done by Optometric Architects and its partner firm Modern Builders construction, both based in Janesville, Iowa.
“It allows us to add more exam lanes, procedure rooms, more room for the new medical equipment that we want to invest in to help with dry eye and macular degeneration treatment,” said Dr. Endres.
Rendering of future Crystal Vision Clinic
Staff members say the pandemic has contributed to more vision checks, with more people, particularly children, spending a lot more time looking at screens.
Crystal Vision Clinic was impacted at the beginning of the pandemic last year when many health clinics and dental practices were ordered to close by executive order. Since reopening to full capacity, Endres says business has been “a pretty steady stream,” some of it due to delayed care. Other patient cases, including children, have been the result of added screen time.
“We’re finding lots of eye fatigue, eye strain. Young kids were doing home-schooling, so they go from doing their assignments on the Zoom call, then they chat with their friends on their cell phone. So you’re starting to see these jumps in prescriptions in the younger patients.”
One of the latest technologies Crystal Vision Clinic now offers is daily replacement contact lenses, which Endres says helps slow down the progression of nearsightedness.
He says the new facility will also allow it to increase staff. The current location has just over 20 employees.
Crystal Vision Clinic says the goal is to open its new facility by fall 2022.
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