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RLTC is organized in three units. • Community Living Center (CLC) • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services (PM&RS)
The general contact numbers for the CLC are:
503-220-8262  ext. 31839
E-Wing:  ext. 33550
B-Wing: ext. 33690
C-Wing:  ext. 33666
The CLC is one program in the continuum of health care at the VA Portland Health Care System.  Located on the Vancouver campus, it is a 76-bed transitional care unit which provides short term skilled transitional care and rehabilitation to Veterans who need skilled nursing care, including subspecialty care, close medical monitoring and rehabilitation services. The CLC program emphasizes assisting the chronically ill or disabled Veteran to assume a higher degree of self-sufficiency and self-direction while affirming his or her autonomy and human dignity.  Skilled nursing, hospice and palliative care is provided on the B and C wings, with comprehensive rehabilitation being provided on E wing.  Some respite care is also available.
The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit is located on the Vancouver Campus and provides inpatient rehabilitation to Veterans with moderate to severe functional impairment who are medically stable. Veterans staying on this unit see Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Service (PM&RS) providers, including Rehabilitation doctors, Physical therapists and Occupational therapists. Most Veterans stay two to three weeks and the majority are discharged to home.
Location: Building 11, first floor, Vancouver. 
The Hospice/Palliative care unit is a 16-bed care unit which provides hospice and palliative care to Veterans who need subspecialty care; focus is on symptom and pain management and end of life care for Veterans, and support to their families. Location: Building 1, Vancouver.
The Bravo Unit is a 8-bed care unit which provides complex nursing care to Veterans who have higher nursing needs, This unit also includes 4-beds that are able to accommodate stable ventilator-dependent Veterans.
HCBS consists of several programs that provide supportive services to Veterans, their families, and caregivers: Home Based Primary Care (HBPC), Purchased Skilled Home Care, Home Hospice, Home Infusion, Homemaker/Home Health Aide, In-Home Respite, Community Adult Day Health Care, Veteran Directed Care, and Community Nursing Home.

Contact Number: 360-905-1741  
HBPC provides Primary Care in the home to eligible Veterans for whom routine clinic based care is not effective. Team includes Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Social Workers, Dieticians, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Pharmacists, with support from administrative staff. Geographical areas covered include the Portland/Vancouver Metro area, Salem and Bend. Contact your PACT team for more information and eligibility criteria.
Purchased Skilled Home Health Care provides professional services in the home by community agencies in good standing with Medicare.  The services is generally episodic and focused on specific short-term needs and goals.  Agency staff can provide skilled nursing services, social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology.  At times, these agencies can also provide a bath aide.  The program is current accessed through a consult placed by an inpatient or outpatient VA provider.
In-Home Hospice provides comfort care to Veterans who are in the final phase of their lives, typically six months or less.  Community agencies employ interdisciplinary teams who support Veterans and their families during end of life care.  Hospice can be provided at home, in a facility, or in an inpatient setting.  The program is currently accessed through a consult placed by an inpatient or outpatient VA provider.
 This service provides infusion services, most often for chemotherapy or IV antibiotics, in the home.  Community agency staff provides the supportive services needed to receive these treatments in a comfortable and familiar setting rather than in a skilled nursing facility or hospital setting.  The program is currently accessed through a consult placed by an inpatient or outpatient VA provider.
This program is designed to help Veterans who are in need of nursing home placement to remain supported in their homes.  Services, which are provided by community agency staff, may include bathing and personal care, as well as grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, errands, and transport to medical appointments.  The program is currently accessed through a consult placed by a VA Primary Care Provider.
Veteran Directed Care gives Veterans who would otherwise need nursing home level of care the opportunity to self-direct the care needed in order to remain safely at home.  Veterans in this program are given a flexible budget for supportive skilled and nob-skilled services that can be managed by the Veteran or caregiver.  They are assisted through the process by a case manager from the local Area Agency on Aging who has a long history of consumer-directed programs.  The program is currently accessed through a consult placed by a VA Primary Care Provider.
This service contracts with multiple Oregon and SW Washington nursing facilities which can provide both long and short-term care services to Veterans in need.  VA staff provide oversight and case management of each placement, support Veteran’s and families in discharge planning, and monitoring each home to ensure that the facility remains in good standing with Medicare.  This benefit is currently accessed through the Social Workers assigned to either an inpatient team or a VA Primary Care Provider.
PM&RS Contact Numbers:
Portland:   503-273-5018
Vancouver:  360-690-1826 
Salem:  503-273-5018
Bend:   541-647-5241 
PM&RS consists of medical rehabilitation services which are available to both inpatients and outpatients. Rehab Services are offered in the following locations; however, not all services are available at every site: Portland & Metro CBOCs, Vancouver, Bend and Salem.  Physiatry consultations, Electromyogram (EMG) testing, Spinal Cord Injury Care, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Polytrauma/TBI, Inpatient Rehabilitation, Hand Therapy, Driver's Rehab and Whole Health services (emphasis on active movement) are provided to eligible Veterans.  Power Wheelchair/Mobility, Wheelchair Clinic and Amputee Clinics are also offered by PM&RS.
Physical Therapy, Power Wheelchair/Mobility, Wheelchair and Amputee clinics are all Patient Self-Directed Scheduling (no consult required).  Please call 503-273-5018 to schedule an appointment for one of these self-directed scheduling clinics.
RLTC Administrative Office Contact Number:
503-220-8262 ext. 33380
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