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If you’re looking to replace that mountain of remote controls in your living room with one single remote to rule them all! You may be in luck. The Sofabaton U1 promises to do exactly that, a smart universal remote that can replace most IR and bluetooth remotes. I took it for a test in my living room.
The Softbaton looks like a pretty typical remote with the standard selection of remote buttons. It feels “plasticy” but still has a good weight and good grip to it. The rubber buttons provide a nice click when you press them.
The unique thing you’ll notice about the Sofabaton is the screen and roller control at the top of the remote. This is a simple control to select between remotes. Essentially when you setup multiple remotes using the Sofabaton app you can then use the screen to select which one you want to control. I really like that the roller and screen are dedicated to changing between remotes.
Adding your remotes to the Sofabaton

Setting up your TV, stereo, FireTV box and other devices is pretty easy. The Sofabaton app connects to the U1 via bluetooth and then walks you through the process. You can select from the database of devices or use the IR leaning feature to program the remote manually. It also connects to bluetooth boxes like Google TV or FireTV options. Heads up, Sofabaton is very clear that this remote will not work with non-bluetooth/non-IR tech. This includes Roku streaming sticks, Sonos and others. Thankfully this is a small list but it could be a dealbreaker if you have one of those devices.

Macros are key
You can create what are called “macros” in the app that essentially allow you to perform multiple functions with the push of a single button. Want to turn on your TV, stereo, cable box and change the input with a single button push? Done! Macros are what really make this a “smart” remote and Sofabaton did a good job of making the process pretty simple.


For the money, this is the best universal smart remote you’ll find. With Logitech discontinuing their popular Harmony line of remotes there just aren’t many good options. The Sofabaton U1 is one of the few remaining good options. The screen and roller are a great way to jump between remotes and I like the “clickyness” of the buttons. If you’re rocking 2 or 3 or maybe 4 living room remotes and you want to simplify that remote mess, the Sofabaton U1 is a great way to do that. Just make sure your devices are compatable before you order.

The Sofabaton U1 smart remote is on sale right now for $50 with an extra 5% off coupon on

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