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Nov 03, 2021, 10:00 ET
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AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OncoTEX Inc. (OncoTEX), a US oncology company and member of The iQ Group Global portfolio, is pleased to announce it has acquired a gold compound platform technology that induces the body’s immune system to destroy cancer cells.
The technology has been developed by the University of Texas at Austin, Georgia Southern University, and Wright State University; and licensed to OncoTEX. This technology will expand OncoTEX’s TEX Core platform, a world-first oncology drug platform designed to create innovative therapies capable of overcoming multiple limitations seen within current cancer therapeutics.
OncoTEX Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jonathan F. Arambula, emphasized the critical importance of the novel technology due to its ability to induce the unique immune mechanism known as immunogenic cell death.
"Of more than 2000 known small molecule cancer therapeutics, very few have been validated to induce such a response," Dr. Arambula said.
"Of these, most only exhibit this as an auxiliary mechanism as opposed to the compound’s primary function. Our Gold compound platform will allow us to design compounds that specifically target these mechanisms. Research has shown that the compound is a much more potent sensitizer of immunogenic cell death than other agents such as platinum."
This new class of gold-based proprietary compounds represents a unique mechanism of immunotherapy action, in that the cancer cells are attacked in conjunction with the human body’s natural immune system. The gold-based compounds have the ability to enter cancer cells and fight them from the inside while disrupting the tumors, making them visible to the human immune system. This disruption starts a cascade to create killer T-cells that then attack and destroy the remaining cancer.
OncoTEX will commence a series of rigorous studies, in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin, to evaluate these compounds over the coming months to determine the full-scale of their potential application in fighting cancers.
"The primary application of these compounds involves the targeting and treatment of solid tumors. We have identified their ability to do this effectively. Following further tests, we will evaluate their application for blood cancers and other diseases," Dr. Arambula said.
"This technology is very novel in terms of design, approach, and potential applications. We will continue discovery research to identify a potential clinical candidate. After our evaluation, we will move our identified clinical candidate into preclinical development."
CEO of The iQ Group Global and Executive Chairman of OncoTEX, Dr. George Syrmalis, said, "This new addition to our existing compound portfolio is extremely important not just for OncoTEX, but also for the modality of oncology.
"The compound introduces a novel mode of action, demonstrating tumor-specific immune responses and reinstating immunosurveillance. It is expected that through this gold-induced immunogenic cell death, we will be able to provide significant complements to immune checkpoint inhibitors. I speculate that this mode of action may emerge as a mainstream of cancer treatment in the near future."
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