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By Angela Velasquez
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Pangaia’s foray into the denim category is not a fleeting moment in textile innovation.
Just three weeks after debuting its first-ever collection of gender-free jeans and denim jackets, the sustainability-focused materials science and apparel company is preparing for the launch of PANHemp, a range of hemp and organic cotton denim.
For a second time, Pangaia partnered with Jonathan Cheung to develop the collection’s exclusive 13-ounce denim in collaboration with Turkish denim mill Orta. The entirely plant-based fabric is made with rain-fed hemp and organic cotton, and select washes in the collection are dyed with natural indigo. The fabric is then woven in reverse to create Pangaia’s signature left-hand twill, which results in a fabric that is strong yet soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. The fabrics are also treated with PPRMINT oil, a durable odor control finish and antimicrobial treatment that helps garments feel fresher for longer.
The PANHemp collection includes straight-leg jeans, a cropped denim jacket, women’s high-rise wide-leg jeans and a denim shearling jacket available in three washes, including flamingo pink. The shearling jacket is lined with recycled wool and Tencel fabric. The range retails for $195-$225 and is available now on Panagia’s website.

The size range for jackets is XS-XL. The women’s wide-leg jeans is available in sizes W25-W32. The straight leg is labeled with both men’s and women’s sizes W25/M27-W34/M36.

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Pangaia x Unspun
Coinciding with the launch, Pangaia is partnering with Unspun, the robotics and digital apparel company building custom jeans on demand. Beginning Nov. 11, Unspun will offer Pangaia’s hemp collection as an option on its new app, which allows customers to produce custom-fitting jeans based on a 10-second iPhone scan and proprietary software.
The Pangaia x Unspun capsule include straight-leg jeans, wide-leg jeans and a jean short. Retail prices start at $180.
Pangaia is the first partner to leverage the new Unspun app. Previously, the technology was only available at select retail locations. The app utilizes TrueDepth sensors on the selfie camera, allowing sensors to capture measurements by projecting and analyzing thousands of invisible dots. This infrared image then transforms into a mathematical representation, or 3D version, of the individual. After the style has been selected, customers select their wash color and preferred hem length.
“This is a powerhouse collaboration between a beautiful product made of dreamy, environmentally-friendly materials and technology that brings fashion into the next century. [Unspun] has not found a partner more aligned in its values to protect the earth and save humanity than Pangaia,” said Beth Esponnette, Unspun co-founder.
Both companies share a vision to eliminate overproduction and waste. They also benefit from Cheung’s rich denim experience. The former Levi’s designer was named an advisor for Unspun in 2020 and spearheaded the brand’s unisex Un-labelled collection in April. He also led the development of Pangaia’s first-of-its-kind Himalayan nettle denim collection, which launched last month.
“We are proud to work with Unspun and when you see the custom fits, it’s hard not to think that you [are] looking at a glimpse of the future,” Cheung said.
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