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Rams have 'long-term vision' for Von Miller in LA – Rams Wire

There were multiple layers to the Rams’ trade for Von Miller that led to the compensation that they and the Broncos agreed to. The first was the fact that the Broncos are paying $9 million of his remaining $9.7 million salary for 2021, so the Rams will be on the hook for less than $1 million this year.
The other part is that Miller will be a free agent after this season, so the Rams could have potentially traded a second- and third-round pick for half a season of Miller.
But the Rams don’t see him as a short-term rental. Les Snead said Tuesday that the Rams have a long-term vision with Miller where they hope to keep him around beyond just this season.
“We’re actually looking at this from a standpoint, right, how soon can he help us?” he said. “Can he help us into the – if we’re fortunate enough to continue going and make the 2021 tournament, how can he help us there? And then there’s the long-term vision for Von, as well, that we’re not solving today or tomorrow, but we did discuss.”
As Snead said, the Rams have already talked to Miller’s agent about the long-term picture for the star pass rusher. The Rams would like to keep him in L.A. and there’s the added benefit of Miller not only owning a home in Venice, but also the allure of playing in the city of Los Angeles and playing in a brand new stadium with a brilliant coach that guys love playing for.
“Definitely. Definitely willing and we discussed that with his representation,” he said. “There is this element of, OK, how do we do what’s best for the player and the team, not just the team? The cool thing about being in this city, a lot of NFL football players – and I’m sure other players from other sports – they really would like to be a part of a team in this city, right? There’s a lot of stars that have aligned — city, new stadium, really good coach with players. That’s an environment, that’s a culture where football is important but you’re gonna enjoy coming to work, you’re gonna enjoy life and oh by the way, the results have been good up to date. Always say that’s just a regression analysis and the future is still uncertain. It’s up to us to do what we’ve got to do to keep earning those results.”
What a new contract for Miller would look like is unclear, but it won’t come cheap. Just this offseason, J.J. Watt signed a two-year deal worth $28 million with the Cardinals and he’s also 32 years old like Miller.
It’ll likely cost the Rams at least $10 million per year, depending on whether Miller signs before hitting free agency or if he lets other teams send him offers on the open market.
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