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Colt Technology Services has announced today that it will expand its capital markets into the Latin America region. According to the press release, the manoeuvre will allow customers from the US, Europe and APAC access to B3, one of the largest financial market infrastructure companies globally, via Colt PrizmNet.
The firm states that the financial services market has expanded significantly in recent years, especially in Brazil, as 44 companies are listed nowadays in the Brazilian Stock Exchange, compared to the 28, trading last year. Moreover, it said that the number of retail investors had surged from 700,000 in 2018 to over 3.8 million so far this year.
“The financial services industry in Latin America has undergone a rapid digital transformation, with significant investment in FinTech and the relevant architecture. The trend in Latin America mirrors that [are] taking place across the world, where low-latency connections between financial hubs are changing the way capital market data vendors and trading firms access the global capital markets ecosystem. As these markets continue to grow, demand for connectivity to key market venues has risen, along with the need for reliable low latency access to market data and trading, and that’s exactly what we’re delivering with our expansion of Colt PrizmNet into the region and access to B3,” Colt’s Segment Director, Capital Markets & Asia, Matthew Reinholds, commented on the announcement.

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Colt PrizmNet is a financial extranet that offers low latencies for delivering data, content and financial services to firms in several global regions. Its technology is powered by the Colt IQ Network, an optimized 100Gbps network distributed to over 29,000 net buildings and 900 data centers connected through hundreds of connection points.
“With flexibility and agility to meet the market’s requirements, Colt continues to enhance its connectivity offering to ensure its market leadership across the world,” the company added.
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