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I’ll admit upfront that this post will expose my bias when it comes to COVID-19 and requirements for employees to get vaccinated.
I’ve read stories about the risk of employees quitting rather than get a vaccine. This morning, the Associated Press reported that several intelligence agencies had at least 20 percent of their workforce unvaccinated as of late October and at a few agencies the number was as high as 40 percent.
The AP used data released by Rep. Chris Stewart, a Republican from Utah who got the information from the White House, which hasn’t released it publicly.
Stewart said the government should consider more exemptions on medical, religious and other grounds. Any terminations if they don’t meet the Nov. 22 deadline should be delayed. He said national security was at risk if these people left.
As I read the article, one thought kept going through my mind — keeping them also puts national security at risk. So fire them or let them quit.
Think about it: Consultants, analysts, intelligence officers and others of that ilk are in jobs that require them to look at facts and draw conclusions. To reach those conclusions, you have to use a rational thought process.
So if you look at all the data surrounding vaccines — the significantly lower incidences of contracting COVID and an even lower incidence of severe illness and death. Millions have received the vaccine with almost non-existent reports of side effects, beyond sore arms and maybe a few days of chills.
If you look at those facts and come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t get the vaccine, then I can’t help but be suspect of any conclusion or recommendation you make after you’ve reviewed a set of facts.
If you put more weight on conspiracy theories or believe that you’re protected because your neighbor got COVID eight months ago, so you must have antibodies which makes you safe, then how can we trust your judgment on anything else?
The same applies to contractors. Do you really want an employee who believes the anti-vaccine rhetoric can make sound business decisions?
Don’t argue about individual rights. Yes, we have individual rights, but we also have a responsibility to our community. This isn’t the same as declining to get a colonoscopy when you turn 50. You only hurt yourself when you do that. But remaining unvaccinated puts you at risk and everyone around you at risk as well. (But get your colonoscopy. It could save your life.)
So I say, let the unvaccinated intelligence analysts or contractor employees leave. We need the smartest, most rational people in those jobs.
Rant over. Thank you very much.
Posted by Nick Wakeman on Nov 05, 2021 at 10:13 AM

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