Must see TV: Trend Micro looks beyond 'echo chamber' with web series on cyber's future – SC Magazine

A recent survey found that only 31% of 1,500 polled employees and 36% of 1,500 business leaders work at organizations that offer ransomware-focused security training.

Financial services has long been among the most advanced sectors in terms of cybersecurity. But the threats are evolving, with DDoS attacks making way for phishing schemes that can lead to account takeover or ransomware outages. Betty Elliott, chief information security officer for Freddie Mac, spoke to SC Media Editor in Chief Jill Aitoro about the state of the market, and efforts to ensure data remains secure throughout the lifecycle of transactions.

Frank Russo discusses the challenges and opportunities that come with being a company’s very first security exec, and the importance of due diligence and culture-building before finalizing an infosec agenda.