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GLENDALE, Ariz. — Music and video equipment worth around $10,000 was stolen from a local church in Glendale after thieves broke in on Sunday.
Members of the Cristian church ‘Jesucristo es la Luz’ located near 59th and Missouri avenues, were getting ready to open for service when they made the discovery that several acoustic and electric guitars, a sound system, a mixer, a television, a projector and several other electronics had been stolen.
“It was just heartbreaking that this happened, you know?” said Vicky Mendez, the daughter of the church’s pastor. “It’s something that you work really hard for and it just gets ripped away from you.”
Mendez said her father started the church out of their home three years ago. With time their congregation grew to the point they needed to get a bigger location.
The church became a family operation, with the siblings helping with the music and administration duties, Mendez said.
“We have limited resources,” Mendez added. “We all built this out of our own pockets, so when I walked in, I was just really heartbroken.”
Mendez said the thieves forced their way in through their front door and made their way around the altar, back-office and kid’s room. The thieves also took chairs, music books and an amplifier.
“It just brings you to tears, it’s really sad…why a church? Out of all places, a church?” Mendez questioned.
The Glendale Police Department is investigating the incident.
Although they don’t have all the equipment needed to hold their typical Sunday service, Mendez said they will make do with the drum set the thieves didn’t take and a guitar his brother has at home.
“We started from a small church, we started with almost nothing, so [we are] back to square one,” Mendez said. “We’re still going to have church services, hopefully, you guys keep us in your prayers…hopefully we get back on our feet soon.”
If you would like to help the church with a donation to replace the equipment stolen, they have created this GoFundMe account.
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