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Credit: Verizon Business
The Kent-based centre will be a place for the co-creation and demonstration of new technology-led concepts to drive the healthcare industry and will be open to healthcare and technology providers.
Various digital technologies including Verizon’s private 5G solution, will be showcased and used to demonstrate a smarter, safer, patient-centric healthcare system of the future via the connectivity and collaborative benefits within various healthcare environments running various applications. These environments will showcase the end-to-end care pathway from smart ambulances, control centres, hospital wards, General Practices (GPs) consultation rooms to care homes.
The aim is to tackle the challenges within the healthcare industry, where staff often work in silos as a result of strict compliance regulations, patient privacy concerns and technology restrictions.
The partnership will bring together Verizon’s secure network infrastructure and Visionable’s next-generation digital healthcare collaboration platform. It will enable medical staff to access data as well as collaborate and share resources and information.
The initiative provides a secure single infrastructure on which healthcare professionals can collaborate on to help diagnose conditions and share medical intelligence.
The joint taskforce will focus on the EMEA and APAC regions under the banner of Care Everywhere. The focus of the service is to enable medical professionals to communicate with each other, share data and speak with patients.
The service harnesses the adaptability of mobile devices to allow doctors and hospitals to provide more virtual visits and consultations. Public and private networks will be used, with data security maintained through encryption, powered by Visionable.
Verizon’s cybersecurity, with end-to-end encryption of personalised data will also make video-enabled pathways secure for patients and medical teams.
With greater use of 5G technology, speed of bandwidth is increased, enabling expansion of care across many continents, regardless of boundaries or country borders. Connected health technologies can provide fast, chronic and preventive care to patients on-demand  at any time or place.
“The challenge facing the healthcare industry is that professionals are often forced to work in silos as a result of strict compliance regulations, patient privacy concerns and technology restrictions – this is about to change. Technologies such as private 5G, have the potential to shift the landscape around how healthcare is delivered; empowering professionals, sharing intelligence and improving the quality of care they provide,” Scott Lawrence, group vice president, Verizon Business EMEA said.
“5G promises to do far more than provide faster data rates and much better download speeds than 4G. It opens up a new world of innovation and opportunities with its low latency, high capacity, and reliability, which will accelerate the adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the medical Internet of Things (IoT). This will be the catalyst for the digital transformation of many industries including healthcare,”
“The future of healthcare will be a hybrid of the digital and the physical. Because, put simply, there just aren’t enough doctors or hospitals to go around. Virtual healthcare infrastructure, with a secure, next-generation platform, will enable hospitals to offer virtual care by default, and physical care when and where it is needed,” Alan Lowe, CEO and Co-Founder, Visionable stated.
“Our aim is to equip healthcare providers with the means to achieve better outcomes, save more lives, and save money. There will be no limit on the number of professionals who can share using the technology and they could, of course, be anywhere in the world” Lowe concluded.
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