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You can make a difference when you volunteer at or donate to the Cincinnati VAMC Healthcare System.
Join our volunteer team and help make our Veterans' stay more enjoyable. Volunteers must register with the VA Voluntary Services Office and pass a required background check and health screening. Depending on your assignment, you may need extra training. 
We’ll match your talents with one of our many volunteer opportunities. 
Voluntary Services forms:
Voluntary Services 
Room C-137
3200 Vine Street 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Volunteer Applications:
Jamie White
Voluntary Services Specialist
Cincinnati VAMC
3200 Vine Street, Room C137
Cincinnati, OH 45220
513-861-3100 ext. 5736
[email protected]
Kenneth “KC” Carter
Recreation Specialist
Cincinnati VAMC
3200 Vine Street, Room C1032
Cincinnati, OH 45220
513-861-3100 ext. 6447
[email protected]
Are you looking for an opportunity for a group to volunteer?  Voluntary Service can tailor a project to your needs!
Please contact us at [email protected] or 513.861.3100 ext. 5736
We are very excited to have a vital, vibrant volunteer force at our facility.  Our goal is to ensure that the volunteer experience at the Cincinnati VA is as rewarding to the volunteer as it is beneficial to the patients, families, visitors, and caregivers. 
To learn more about becoming a volunteer, please contact us at [email protected] or 513.861.3100 ext. 5736
Volunteering at the Cincinnati VA Medical Care Center offers many wonderful benefits including:
Currently, we do not have any evening or weekend regularly scheduled positions, however we do host special events that occur on weekends and evenings.
Our volunteers have a wide range of contact with a variety of staff members; however, the volunteer experience is not structured to provide a shadowing/observational encounter.  Please speak with the Voluntary Service Specialist for more details.
The volunteer onboarding process can take 2-6 weeks to complete.  It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our patients and residents with a thorough screening process.  This screening process includes a criminal background check and, in some cases, a physical examination and verification of driver’s license. 
Volunteers will observe an orientation video online and will then have a more specific orientation when they reach their unit/department. 
We appreciate the gesture but, due to patient confidentiality and infection control policies, we are unable to accommodate group volunteering on a short-term basis.  If your group is interested in doing a project for the hospital, please contact Voluntary Service at 513-861-3100 x6057 for an activity that can benefit the patients and staff at our hospital.
If you or your group is interested in performing at the hospital, please call 513-861-3100 x6447 for more information.
Please call Voluntary Service at 513-861-3100 x6447 to inform us of your donation so that we may discuss an appropriate time for drop-off.  Voluntary Service is in room C137, 3200 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45231.
Please call Voluntary Service at 513-861-3100 x6447 or email us at [email protected] to obtain a current wish list of items needed.
Because our patients come from diverse religious, political, and social backgrounds, we require that all donations be religiously and politically neutral.
In accordance with 38 U.S.C. 8301, VA is authorized to accept donations or gifts for the benefit of the patient.  The internal Revenue Service has announced that under the Tax Code, donations to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs General Post Fund for exclusively public purposes are deductible from federal income taxes in the manner and to the extent allowable.  The announcement reflects the tax law provision which makes those donations deductible as “donations to the United States.”
All donations will be acknowledged.  If you deliver your donation, please complete a donor form.  If you are sending a donation, please include your name, address, and phone number, and the estimated value of the donation.  We will send you a letter of acknowledgement.  We do not specify dollar amounts in our acknowledgment letters.
We are not able to pick up donations because of staffing and transportation limitations.  However, in kind donations can be mailed to Voluntary Service (135), Cincinnati VA Medical Center, 3200 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45231.
No homemade food (including candy) may be given to patients.  Many of our patients are on dietary restrictions and cannot have certain foods.  Please do not bring any edible donations to the hospital.  We also ask that you not include any food with other donations unless discussed with a Voluntary Service staff member.