Joplin Regional Innovation & Technology Summit brings latest workforce ingenuity to the Midwest – KSNF/KODE –

JOPLIN, Mo. — Ingenuity was front and center today in Joplin. All part of the inaugural “Joplin Regional Innovation & Technology Summit.”
It was held at James River Church and dealth with everything from e-commerce and cybersecurity — to the develoment of a digital workforce. Some speakers were part of the event virtually — while others flew in from around the country, including wes spencer from Tampa, Florida.
He said one of the many advantages of creating a virtual workplace — is not having to relocate to somewhere like the “Silicon Valley.”
“You can do this anywhere so why not Joplin — Joplin’s a wonderful place for anybody to catch that bug…and say I have this dream of something i want to do. And something I want to build. And I want to make my life better. And I want to make my community better — for everybody around us. You can do that in Joplin,” said Wes Spencer, ConnectWise.
“But also to be aware of the potential risks and potential cyber attacks and to be, be ready for anything that can happen in business,” said Doug Hunt, Joplin Chamber.
More than 200 people signed up for what organizers hope will be an annual event.
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