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Three Belmont artists are tuning up for an evening of music, worship and praise in a showcase that honors the university’s connection to faith.
“The other artists I’m performing with are super talented so that’s something I’m really excited about,” said Sully Bright, one of the three singer-songwriters in the lineup.
Bright will be joined by Breanna Corjuc and Emily Schmieder on the Curb Event Center stage Saturday for the university’s annual Christian Showcase.
Performing in the showcase will be unlike any opportunity Sully Bright has had in the past.
“I’m excited because I’ve never done anything like this before. Getting to perform in front of my friends and just have that loving community and be able to have fun is something that I’m really looking forward to,” he said.
Songwriting junior Bright said the showcase is taking him back to his roots.
“I got involved with Christian Showcase because I really love writing faith-based songs. It’s kind of a part of who I am, so I felt like it was a really good opportunity for me to show my songs, show the stories behind the songs and spread that message,” Bright said.
A Christian folk artist from North Carolina, Bright grew up listening to 70s artists and is inspired by the likes of Jim Croce. He picked up songwriting in high school and has since released multiple singles and an EP in 2021.
In his set, Bright plans to perform his newest single, “Dandelions,” released to streaming services Friday.
“This song is about God’s love for us,” Bright wrote on his Instagram. “As do dandelions, God’s love grows in the places we never thought we would imagine to find it.”
Sophomore Breanna Corjuc is called to sing in the church.
“Doing it for God, for worshipping Him, I just love to do it,” Corjuc said.
It is her love of worship that has defined her music since the beginning, from singing at her Romanian Pentecostal church in Reading, Pennsylvania, to performing at churches in Nashville.
She auditioned for “America’s Got Talent,” but wasn’t sure what they were looking for in a singer, she said.
“I just have to be myself,” Corjuc recalled thinking, and she maintains this mindset going into Saturday’s showcase.
She’s released three 2021 singles, unleashing room-filling vocals on worship tracks like “Guess He Knew.”
Corjuc is excited to take the stage Saturday, an opportunity she said is “something from God.”
“With God’s help, this will be one of the highlights of my musical career,” she said. 
Update: Emily Schmieder will not perform Saturday due to health concerns, said showcase production staff.
Emily Schmieder, known as Emily S on streaming platforms, is a music business junior at Belmont. 
After picking up the piano at 9 years old, Schmieder had an early start in writing and performing and toured her music with her older sister, Rachal, as a duo called The Restless.
Originally from Portland, Tennessee, Schmieder will take the stage solo Saturday to share her worship music with Belmont.
Schmieder was not made available for an interview.

PHOTO: The Christian Showcase artists (from left to right) Sully Bright, Emily Schmieder and Breanna Corjuc. Belmont Showcase Series / Emma Gibby.
This article was written by Riley McPheeters, Marina Hernandez and Anna Jackson. Updated Saturday.