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(Linus Schutz / Pixabay)(Linus Schutz / Pixabay)
What a difference a year makes.
This time in 2020, Chicago was basking in a string of record warm days, with temperatures hitting the mid-70s.
On Monday, the National Weather Service is encouraging folks to get out and enjoy what could be the last day to reach the mid- to upper-60s in 2021. 
A strong cold front will blow into the area Wednesday night, bringing soaking rains, wind and much cooler weather, the agency said.
(Courtesy of National Weather Service)(Courtesy of National Weather Service)
By the end of the week, high temperatures will be in the 40s, which is par for the course. The average November temperature is 41.3 degrees.
There’s always an off chance of a day in December topping 60 degrees, but those are few and really far between: Nearly one-third of Chicago’s daily record high temperatures for December were set in the late 1800s. 
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