Lucid Vision Drops Reality Bending EP, ‘Elucidate Me’ – This Song is Sick

Anyone who frequents our site knows just how much we love vibrating bass and stellar sound design. Throw it all together behind some enticing melodies and you have the latest project from Lucid Vision, Elucidate Me.
We knew we were in for something solid when we first premiered the EP’s lead single, “Everything Move,” but nothing could have prepared us for these reality-bending wubs. This new project from the Denver bass-slinger drops off six tracks of deep-rooted synths, bone-rattling bass, and epic orchestration. Computerized samples skitter and glitch while purposeful themes drive us forward toward a highly satisfying final product.
If you’re in the market for some of the hottest, bassy glitch hop in the game, look no further than Lucid Vision’s new EP, Elucidate Me, below. Stream below and Enjoy!

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