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Police in Nashville, Tenn., said a pastor tackled an armed man who threatened parishioners during church service, Fox affiliate WZTV reported.
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said Dezire Baganda pulled out a firearm while sitting in the front row, walked up to the church’s altar waving the gun, and pointing it at the congregation, telling those in attendance to “get up,” according to the Fox affiliate. 
The pastor was praying with several members of the Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church at the time. He reportedly tackled Baganda, with other members jumping in to disarm the suspect and holding him down until police arrived at the scene. 
Police said no shots were fired and no injuries were sustained during the incident. 
Baganda, 26, is reportedly not a member of the church, but had attended services prior to the incident, WZTV reported. 
He is due in court on Nov. 10 to face 15 counts of aggravated assault, with additional charges expected. Baganda’s bond is set at $375,000, WZTV reported. 
The Hill has reached out to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department for more information.
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