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Today’s digital customer experience (CX) is rooted in convenience. Whether it’s troubleshooting an issue or asking questions about a product or service, customers want to solve the issue on their own time in their own way prior to contacting a support team. A survey by our team at TELUS International showed that 94% of Americans like self-service because of its 24/7 availability and ability to deliver real-time resolution, which is driving more and more organizations to invest in chatbots.
Chatbots have the ability to supercharge CX, realize cost-savings opportunities for businesses, and help future-proof their overall CX strategy. Combined with optimized knowledge bases and FAQs, chatbots can seamlessly answer customers’ questions about products or services, allow them to pay bills, and help them tackle account-related inquiries—whenever it’s most convenient for them. Organizations can also deploy chatbots to directly support the human CX team members. It’s no wonder the use of chatbots is trending upward among brands.
According to recent research from Ryan Strategic Advisory, a firm providing market research and consulting services for the business process outsourcing and CX sector, 64% of global brands’ contact centers are now deploying chatbots to support end users. When compared to 2020 results of the same survey, when chatbots were used by 45% of enterprise CX departments, it’s clear there’s a growing trend in the popularity and implementation of chatbots.
Chatbot technology has become an irreplaceable part of the self-service experience, allowing brands to keep pace with the ever-evolving expectations of increasingly tech-savvy consumers. While it’s clearly the direction we’re heading as far as self-service goes, perhaps one of the greatest assets of chatbots is their ability to effectively serve as front-line customer support but recognize when it’s time to step aside for live agent support. In the end, the goal is to deliver differentiated, seamless, and personalized CX, and chatbots are a vital part of that customer journey.
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