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Innovation Depot is to thank for bringing many of Birmingham’s biggest ideas to life. Their programs cater to a wide range of entrepreneurs at different stages of startup life. Today, we’re talking Vision ID, their newest program. It’s completely free, self-paced and requires no prior experience. Read on for full details & how to sign up today.
Do you know the difference between an inventive idea and a solid business opportunity? What about the best way to scale a business? Budding entrepreneurs will learn all this and more through Innovation Depot‘s latest program, Vision ID.
Thanks to a carefully curated curriculum and innovative program structure, Vision ID gives anyone curious about startups an excellent place to start. Further, participants will learn about game-changing resources and organizations within the startup community.
The best part about Vision ID? It’s accessible to all. Because the program is completely free and requires no prior experience or training, anyone is welcome to sign up—no strings attached.
So, what can you expect? Daily training materials delivered straight to your inbox that you tackle at your own pace. Whether you complete the course in a week or a year, you’ll learn the tools you need to give your startup the best shot at success.
Additionally, you can access the materials from anywhere in the world with solid Wifi. Remote workers, I’m looking at you.
I caught up with Kellie Clark, Director of Programs at Innovation Depot, to learn more about Vision ID.
Kellie gave some helpful insight on program material. Firstly, it covers broad topics like the difference between a small biz and a startup. Later on, the more technical themes like product market fit and scalability come into play. She also shared her favorite part of the program, which is the opportunity to “demystify” the startup world and connect with an untapped network of potential entrepreneurs.
“Vision ID is unique because there is no pressure, no expectation to perform, no pressure to meet a metric. It exists purely as a resource for individuals in our community who have an interest in launching a startup at some point in their entrepreneurship journey.”
Vision ID is the latest addition to Innovation Depot’s collection of wildly successful programs, and can be the perfect first step in your entrepreneurial venture. In fact, a number of those that completed Vision ID were motivated to apply to the Voltage program!
As a refresher, Innovation Depot’s other programs include:
Ready to get educated on the wonderful world of startups? Enroll in Vision ID today.
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