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Logically, a leading provider of Managed IT Services, announced today that its security business unit, Cerdant, has received a PCI L1 service provider designation, the most stringent PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) level a company can obtain.
To receive this designation – which is awarded to service providers that store, process, or transmit more than 300,000 credit card transactions annually and that can pass the required validations – Logically underwent a rigorous review process, including several network scans, an Annual Report on Compliance, and several security assessments, including reports on compliance from security assessors.
“We put over 200 hours of effort into this achievement each year, and I’m thrilled that our ongoing commitment to safety and security continues to be recognized,” said Logically CEO Michelle Accardi. “This is additional proof that we continue to strive for and invest in a security posture to keep our customers and their payment data as secure as possible.”
PCI Compliance Level 1 is one of four PCI merchant compliance levels established to ensure internet service and payment providers demonstrate ongoing and continual security of credit card and cardholder data in e-commerce and in-person transactions. Level 1 is the highest and most stringent of the PCI levels. Logically has over 1800 customers across North America. To learn more about their wide range of IT services, please visit Logically.com.
About Logically
Logically is a leading national Managed IT Services Provider (MSP). We take care of your Information Technology, so you can take care of business. Since 1999, we have made IT management easy and secure for hundreds of corporations, healthcare organizations, nonprofits and public sector agencies. We set the standard for responsiveness and operational excellence for organizations seeking to augment existing IT teams or outsource IT completely. Logically, powered by OpLogic™, our unique Intelligent MSP platform, cost-effectively amplifies our customers’ competitiveness. We strategically implement and manage the right balance of mature and emerging information technologies that improve collaboration, security, cloud adoption, customer experiences, productivity, and business results.
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