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Top Seven Updates in Tech News Today
Here are the top seven things you must know about Tech with The Hans India on November 10, 2021. Let’s begin…
Judge orders Apple to allow external payment options for the App Store by December 9
The judge in Epic v. Apple, Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, says that Apple must comply with an order to allow developers to add links and buttons to external payment options, denying the company’s motion for a suspension and Apple announces that it will appeal.
Johnson & Johnson CEO to Join Apple’s Board
Apple has announced that current Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky will join its board of directors. Alex Gorsky comes to the company as he continues to focus on health.
Windows 11 SE is here to compete with Chromebooks
Windows 11 SE is intended for affordable Windows laptops that run on low-end hardware. The operating system is designed to fit Chromebook laptops in the educational space. Windows 11 SE is highly optimized for Microsoft applications, but it can run third-party applications and services, including Chrome.

Ecobee offers a professional monitoring option with new home security service
Ecobee now offers you the option to pair your smart home monitoring devices with a professional security service. With the company’s new Smart Security service, which replaces the Haven service it previously offered, you can enable 24/7 professional monitoring (which is still in beta) for an additional $ 10 a month as part of the full subscription plan.

Facebook and Instagram to remove “sensitive” ads targeting groups
Meta to prevent advertisers from using detailed ad targeting options that display ads based on their engagement in “sensitive” areas, such as race/ethnicity, religious opinions, political beliefs, sexual orientation, health, and much more.
Symbiosis partners with ATechnos to launch India’s first-ever online education marketplace
ATechnos Group, a growing leader in digital and technology transformation company today announced the launch of Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL), India’s first online education marketplace.
Inspresso launches an instant hot beverage machine that serves premium quality beverages
Inspresso launches its all-new instant hot drink machine, bringing premium café style beverages at the comfort of your place to mesmerize all the hot beverage lovers.
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