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Springwell Senior Living, food service provider Culinary Services Group is testing new ways to deliver meals and provide the best service possible – by using robots. The company is piloting Servi, a food runner robot by Bear Robotics. They’ve found that using robots in the dining room frees up staff so they can provide more one-on-one personal attention to residents. In assisted living and memory care, CSG is taking residents around the world through the use of MyndVR headset technology. These experiences trigger memories, build engagement, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.
“We’re always looking for ways to improve the resident experience. The robot is allowing us to spend more time with the customers or residents and enhances our dining experience because we’re not running back and forth to get the food.” – Aaron Mayer, Food Service Director, Springwell Senior Living
In today’s climate, food service robots may seem like the ideal solution to staffing challenges. While robots may help the company to adjust staffing patterns, Culinary Services Group says the robots will never be a replacement for human interaction. The company says the robots give front-of-house staff more time to seat guests, take meal orders and engage with residents. Communication, friendly interaction, and customer service are as much a part of CSG’s business as the scratch-cooking they’re known for. In assisted living, robots are a great source of entertainment for residents. “The residents got a hit out of it, it’s been the talk of the town. They all have special names for it, they look forward to seeing it, they joke around. Not only is it a functional piece of our dining program it’s a great source of entertainment too,” says Aaron Mayer, CSG’s food service director at Springwell.
While it’s easy to see the connection between food-running robots and a dining program, the company is also exploring providing VR headset technology. These immersive experiences allow residents to travel the world to places like Rome and Jerusalem or step back in time to a sock hop at a 1950’s diner. The program is helping residents recover memories of travel and experiences with loved ones. “I saw the Old City and the Old Wall,” resident Audrey Levine remarked after taking off the headset. “The whole view was wonderful, I was looking to the left and the right and it brought back wonderful memories. I thought I was there,” she said. “I was pleasantly surprised to see how it showed Israel and Jerusalem. It warmed my heart and I loved it.” By partnering with community activity teams, Culinary Services Group hopes to provide a new level of engagement for residents. Residents may take a trip to Italy or Spain through the VR headsets and then enjoy a meal of that country’s special cuisine.
“Our mission is to improve the lives of others, we’ve always been a food service company with a higher purpose than meal delivery. These technologies are worth exploring because if they can improve the quality of life for the residents we serve then it pushes our mission and vision forward. I believe our team members will benefit from these technologies too.” – Rich Valway, President and CEO, Culinary Services Group
Both technologies are being tested at Springwell Senior Living while the company decides how to offer them as part of their food service management contracts. Culinary Services Group has remained on the cutting edge of food service technology since its start in 2008. It also provides advanced menu planning software and ordering kiosks. For more information on Culinary Services Group or to express interest in these technology innovations visit the company’s website or contact their sales team.
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