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Voice technology has been taking the attention of the market with its new voice technology trends. Voice tech has come up with many new innovations that are transforming the whole of the business processes, the conversation, the way we interact. While coming to the voice tech trends, they are making life simpler yet comfortable with their amazing features and technologies. Here are the top voice technology trends in 2021 that you all must know.
When we take a look at the voice technology market the latest voice technology trend is the voice assistants on mobile apps as the voice has become a new and natural interface. Voice-powered apps are increasing day by day in their functionality, saving us from complicated navigation and supporting things. This trend is making things simpler and easier for an end-user to find the app’s menu. The trend of voice assistants is going to last for the friendliness of voice-powered mobile apps.
Voice cloning is commonly also known as voice replication technology. With machine learning tech and GPU power development commoditize custom voice creation and make the speech more emotional that can make the computer-generated voice indistinguishable from the real one. Voice cloning is one of the voice technology trends that became an indispensable tool for advertisers, game developers, filmmakers, and also content creators.
Voice assistants have been an obvious placement for smart TVs. They have made life as easy yet simple. You can use your voice to navigate through the channels without remote control, voice technology has made things so easy. All you need to do is just to press and hold a microphone button tight and that’s it. You can also browse, search for content, and do many more with the help of smart TVs.
The demand for smart displays remains high as customers now prefer them over normal smart speakers. And so, we can expect customized and more technically advanced devices in 2021. Voice technology trends like smart displays such as the Russian Sber portal, Chinese smart screen Xiaodu are also upgraded to AI-powered functions that include amazing features such as facial recognition, hand gesture control, and eye gesture detection. Isn’t that exciting?
2021 will definitely see more solutions to improve business processes in meetings and for business intelligence that are driven using voice technology. The voice assistants have been highly customized to face the business challenges along with integrated internal systems like CRM, ERP, and business processes.
When we talk about conversational AI and gaming, we should definitely talk about text-to-speech, synthetic voices, and generative neural networks which can help developers create spoken and dynamic dialogue. As it takes a lot of time and effort to record a voice for dialogues for the game, in the coming day’s neural networks will be capable of mimicking human voices.
These can replace agents at the call centers pretty soon. These smart solutions can be effective, performant, and also easy to use and customize.  And so many companies are coming up with this kind of service in the coming days.

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