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At Dartmouth, remembering those who serve goes beyond a single day.
Dartmouth marks Veterans Day with traditional observances such as the formal flag drill and retreat, community events, and programming to broaden the community’s understanding of veterans’ lasting contributions to the College and the nation. At Dartmouth the impact and leadership of veterans past, present, and future can be seen everywhere. “Veterans Day is a day to remember those who have served. It’s a day to do what we should do every day of the year,” says President Emeritus James Wright, a Marine Corps veteran.
Dartmouth will commemorate Veterans Day with a series of events scheduled Nov. 10 and Nov. 11.
The community comes together to say, “Thank you for your service.”
President Philip J. Hanlon ’77  invites the community to celebrate our veterans.
Cadets headed into the woods for basic navigation training. 
Three student veterans share how service has shaped their Dartmouth experience.
A new book, “War and American Life,” continues his work lifting up those who served.
See a slide show of staff and family members who have served. 
Remembering those who served goes beyond a single day.
I think Veterans Day is for reaching out to any veteran you know and just saying thank you.
What I hoped to show people with this run was what you’re capable of when you make your why greater than your excuse to quit.
I’m interested in learning how government interacts with social norms and stigmas. That’s driven mostly by my experiences in the military, but also as a queer Black woman.
To do something bigger than yourself, that’s one of the goals here.
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