ScanSource CEO Mike Baur: 'This Technology Refresh Is Still In The Early Innings' – CRN

‘ We believe that enterprises are going to make long-term decisions about how to accommodate their remote workers and their hybrid workforce, as well as all the companies that are now providing multi- and omni-channel experiences. … And, frankly, the demand has been staggering for us,’ ScanSource CEO Mike Baur tells CRN.

 ‘We Built The Leading Hybrid Distributor’
ScanSource, a global distributor with a focus on point-of-sale, mobility and payment technologies, Tuesday reported a strong first fiscal quarter, which ended Sept. 30. Sales were up compared with last year by over 13 percent to $857.3 million, and GAAP net income was $22.1 million, or 86 cents per share, compared with a loss last year.
ScanSource CEO Mike Baur described the quarter as “fantastic,” telling CRN that his company has become the leading hybrid distributor, which he defined as one that sells not just hardware but hardware that is part of a solution that also includes software and services. “Hardware plus software, hardware plus any kind of recurring product,” he said. “Really, it’s that hardware-plus story that I think we’ve got uniquely in the markets we compete in.“”
Greenville, S.C.-based ScanSource is looking to ride a wave of change as the channel quickly adopts a recurring revenue focus. Here is what Baur had to say about how ScanSource is helping propel that change.