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Published Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021, 8:32 pm
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Buying homes with intelligent tech today is a trend. It doesn’t matter if the house is small or large, smart technologies for homes are no longer reserved for just high-end homes.
Competent home techs have made living in homes much comfortable and relaxing. To lead a hassle-free lifestyle, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. Simply having a smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection can help make your home tech-smart. So, are you considering making your home technologically smart? Read on to find out the best home tech trends happening this year.
The most important thing you need to consider for a smart home is its integration. As mentioned earlier, competent home techs have become a luxury, and to meet its expectations and give you the best experience, you need to integrate your smart home tech fully.
When you connect your smart devices in your home, most of them start to communicate with each other. For example, a Philips Hue lighting system can control your whole house’s lighting system and turn on and off the lights as per your schedule. An intelligent refrigerator can detect that your milk is almost finished and add that to your shopping list with your Amazon Alexa device. The connection to your smart devices and how well they work together is integral in  setting up a smart home.
With the pandemic affecting many offices, working from home has become a savior to those who can’t step out of their homes. Technology such as AI filters and noise-canceling windows are some essential products to use in a home office. The AI filters ensure to hide the messy room when you join a meeting or receive a video call from your boss.
Smart home technology has exploded in the home entertainment space. With more people spending time at home there are even greater demands for entertainment at home. Smart home tech offers from companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Sony, Sonos, and almost any home entertainment brand allow users to create and control their experience like never before. Trade publications like Home Media Magazine detail the race between all of these companies to create the smartest, fully integrated home entertainment systems.
As mentioned earlier, AI or Artificial Intelligence has taken the tech world by storm. From Amazon’s Alexa to Apple’s Siri, AI has become more reliable, understands commands better, and responds well. With just a voice command, it can play music, turn on/off lights, update the to-do list, and more.
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to all those functions that can be connected to the internet. For instance, when we talk about smart homes, the internet can link techs in the kitchen and bathroom as it does with the bedroom, where it can turn on and off lights, close blinds, etc. on command. With much progress and innovations, IoT can make life easier and better.
With the increasing COVID cases in the past year, touchless tech has become an integral part of day to day life. Starting from the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser, many companies have invented touchless doorbells. The uses of these devices are to avoid touching a shared surface which could potentially spread germs.
Another plus point about this technology is that a single smartphone and its apps control smart home tech. So every individual who has the control touches only their phone and not the device itself.
Health has become one of the primary concerns with the start of the pandemic. Smartwatches that show the heartbeat, blood pressure, etc., have also become popular.
Smart devices also alert people of possible life threats like heart attacks and thus give them enough time to consult a doctor. Plus, people began to look after their health more and started purchasing more health-related smart techs like intelligent air purifiers. Air purifiers assist in maintaining and elevating the quality of air inside homes.
Some companies have also invented smart doorbells that can screen people’s temperature before coming inside. It prevents the spread of the pandemic and is a great innovation. Some people have also started using smart toilets that analyze the waste and alert the owners of any health issues to seek immediate medical assistance before the problem worsens.
Story by Jalen Kelly
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