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Qualcomm also targets Meta’s metaverse, and introduces the platform Snapdragon Spaces, to develop augmented reality applications.
Are you still using Windows 7? Microsoft has announced that the January 10 no more security patches. Time to update …
Be careful if you have to buy a console this Christmas, the semiconductor crisis hits hard: both Sony and Nintendo have announced that they have reduced the production of PS5 and Nintendo Switch OLED. And the laptopl Steam Deck from Valve, is also delayed to February.
Elon Musk keeps his word and starts selling Tesla shares after the Twitter poll. Read the news
Qualcomm launches Snapdragon Spaces, anticipating a world full of augmented reality glasses. Read the news
Apple wants to keep everything tied up for when you die. Read the news
The Metaverse of Facebook is going to be built in Spain: 5 tips to get one of the 10,000 jobs. Read the news
The number 603 of Computer Hoy is already in your kiosk! Read the news
El Corte Inglés is not celebrating its 80th anniversary with a 500 euro raffle: it is phishing. Read the news
The complex scam by Bizum with which they managed to steal up to 240,000 euros from a single person. Read the news
Instagram is testing a new feature that helps you disconnect. Read the news
Scams through WhatsApp continue to increase. Read the news
The new WhatsApp update brings us a more specific way to protect our privacy. Read the news
Microsoft says goodbye to Windows 7, on January 10, 2022 it will stop having security updates. Read the news
Seagate just developed the first NVMe hard drive that is not an SSD. Read the news
This new cryptocurrency makes Ryzen processors a money-making machine. Read the news
The best apps and programs to clean and speed up your Windows 11 PC. Check out the list
Bizum prepares a new functionality for the Christmas holidays. Read the news
How to remove dirt from hair brushes and leave them as new, in two minutes and without rubbing. Read the news
Nintendo warns: they won’t be able to meet all the demand for Switch OLED this Christmas. Read the news
This Christmas will be even more complicated than you think to buy a PS5. Read the news
Bad news for PC gamers: your most anticipated console is delayed by the global semiconductor crisis. Read the news
Beware of the voyeur effect, one of the main culprits of distractions according to the DGT. Read the news
Electrochemical pulses: the secret of the solid lithium batteries of the next generation of electric cars. Read the news
This is Volkswagen’s first electric van: ID.Buzz. Read the news
Not Android Auto or CarPlay, this is the feature that everyone wants to have in their car. Read the news
The simple trick to make Android Auto look much better on your car screen. Read the news
Going to bed at this time prevents you from having heart problems. Read the news
The most advanced exercise bike leans like road bikes (video). Read the news
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