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Blockchain technology has become popular due to its successful adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This distributed digital ledger has many advantages as it can keep the records of all data or money transactions made between any two parties in a secure, immutable, and transparent manner. 
Blockchain technology is a circulated digital ledger that stores data securely across several systems and facilitates online transactions. It is a reliable source and it eliminates the need for mediators all through the transactions. The kind of authentication offered by the technology creates an example of trust. It has far-reaching implications.
The blockchain was invented in 2008 as a technology to serve the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In 2018, Bitcoin reached the peak of its popularity, and this became the starting point for the recognition of the technology itself.
Blockchain is Expected to Transform Social Networking
Social networking has become an integral part of our daily lives. According to Statista, it was estimated that in 2019, there will be more than 2.77 billion social media users worldwide. The introduction of blockchain in social media will be able to solve inherent problems related to privacy violations, notorious scandals, data control, and content relevance. Hence the blending of blockchain in the social media domain is another emerging technology trend.
Blockchain Expertise a Highly Tradable Skill
Blockchain is not immune to the bottlenecks caused by the shortage of workers skilled in emerging technologies. This means that if you’re set on a tech career, then developing skills around engineering, deploying, or maintaining blockchain solutions is likely to set you up for a bright future. As with AI, there simply aren’t enough skilled blockchain professionals out there to keep up with the industry’s big plans for rolling it out across all areas of operations. 
Better Integration of Smart Contracts and Law
Blockchain technology presents futuristic possibilities with the functionalities of smart contracts. The basic idea of a smart contract is the automatic execution of certain tasks upon fulfillment of certain conditions. However, it is possible to look at a future where other conditions in smart contracts could also be subject to automatic regulation.
Transformation in Financial Services
The financial services industry has been one of the early adopters of blockchain with good reason. Banks and other financial institutions have found that blockchain helps them establish networks that deliver value to customers, particularly investors. Banks and other financial institutions have found that blockchain helps them establish networks that deliver value to customers, particularly investors.
Increased Blockchain in Retail
Large-scale growth in the retail sector is anticipated to facilitate a more efficient supply chain and inventory management. Beginning in 2016 with the cooperation of IBM and Walmart, the first step was taken bringing together blockchain and retail conglomerates. This trend will continue to gain speed as more efficacy is achieved in tracking and delivering the high demand of online purchases and distribution of key supplies.
A Sneak Peak to the Future of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is increasing and improving day by day and has a bright future in the upcoming years. The transparency, trust, and temper proof characteristics have led to many applications of it like Bitcoin, 
Ethereum etc. It is a pillar in making the business and governmental procedures more secure, efficient, and effective. 
The implementation of blockchain will allow the companies to demonstrate this increased transparency and enable them to create a new form of the customer relationship, one focused on core values of protection, fairness, and equality. Blockchain might also bring in a whole new age of consumer expectation, that the companies with which they invest their money can treat customers equally, and what’s more, that the blockchain itself will serve as an assurance for that fair treatment.

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