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According to DigitalOcean’s recent report, 86% of businesses that reported increased cloud usage during the pandemic peak said their cloud usage has continued to increase in 2021, indicating there’s no slowdown in sight for digital acceleration and cloud adoption.
The pandemic is still top-of-mind for businesses of all sizes as 2022 approaches, and they all recognize that the cloud has played a key role in their recovery. The report indicates that 69% of businesses say cloud solutions have helped them recover from the pandemic. Digital acceleration may have peaked during the pandemic, but companies still appear to be increasingly adapting to the digital-first world.
It’s no surprise that enterprise cloud adoption skyrocketed during the pandemic, but what might surprise some is that even traditional, non-tech SMBs are relying heavily on cloud solutions in their recovery (43%). Startups and SMBs are the backbone of the economy, and with new business formation at record highs, it’s more important than ever that they have the cloud and software tools they need to thrive, especially when you consider the barriers they face in fully embracing the cloud.
Infographic. COVID-19 recovery is the top challenge facing businesses in 2021 regardless of size. 26% of traditional SMBs, 25% of tech-focused SMBs, and 22% of enterprises list pandemic recovery as their biggest challenge.
While a majority (52%) of traditional SMBs believe the cloud is critical to their business success, 43% have zero full-time technical staff to manage cloud solutions. On top of limited technical staff, traditional SMBs note cost (19%), technical training and education (13%), and time required to manage services (12%) as barriers to cloud adoption. DigitalOcean’s report also found a significant cloud knowledge gap between traditional SMBs and enterprises. For instance, 48% of traditional SMB respondents aren’t familiar with the term “cloud-native,” compared to just 5% of enterprises, and 56% of traditional SMB respondents are unfamiliar with the term “digital-native,” compared to 18% of enterprise respondents.
The report is based on 2,400 interviews in 48 countries conducted by Aspen Finn from September to October 2021.
Read the full report by DigitalOcean.
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