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The ComputerHoy.com technology news roundup begins. The ideal place to catch up on everything important that has happened in the last few hours.
Apple surprises everyone by announcing that will allow users to repair iPhones at home, and will even sell parts and spare parts.
Fast charging at 100W is the new Holy Grail: OPPO, realme and OnePlus are working on it.
What is safer, make a Bizum, or a transfer? We explain it to you in one of the news.
Apple is swerving its repair policy and will now allow users to repair their equipment at home. Read the news
Spotify launches a subscription for podcasts that will allocate the funds in an integrated way to the creators. Read the news
What is safer: Bizum or transfer?. Read the news
Aldi asks customers to return a product based on microbiological criteria. Read the news
The emojis reach the states of Instagram in its new update. Read the news
Samsung could launch a folding mobile that combines the formats of the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. Read the news
The race for fast charging has new competitors: OPPO, realme and OnePlus prepare mobiles capable of charging more than 100W. Read the news
Forget about redoing a voice message on WhatsApp: you can now pause and resume recording on iOS. Read the news
Razer Pro Type Ultra, a mechanical keyboard to work with? Read our analysis and opinion
How to mine Shiba Inu without spending a euro with an old laptop that you no longer use. Read the news
When does Black Friday 2021 start on Amazon? These are the key dates. Read the report
Moto Watch 100, this is the new Motorola smartwatch that renounces Wear OS. Read the news
Lidl launches an important announcement about its Monsieur Cuisine kitchen machines. Read the news
The OCU denounces the scam of olive oils that pose as extra virgin and you can buy at the supermarket. Read the news
Huawei Watch Fit New, the renewal of your most economical smartwatch. Read the news
Vibration cleaning: the latest for cleaning glass, ceramic and smooth surfaces comes to LIDL. Read the news
Tricks (and things to avoid) to get the most out of your fryer without oil. Read the news
The perfect homemade product to disinfect and clean your washing machine effortlessly and avoid bad odors. Read the news
Netflix has launched the website that you will visit when you don’t know what to watch. Read the news
A new streaming platform has started stealing series from Netflix. Read the news
Tiger King returns ready to blow you away again. Read the news
There is already a trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home and it is all the spectacular we wanted. Read the news
Guide to buying a gaming PC: tips and everything you need to know to avoid making mistakes. Read the news
The cloud game launches today on all Xbox consoles. Read the news
Signs that according to the DGT indicate that you should stop driving. Read the news
Tesla Model 2: this could be the electric ‘mini-car’. Read the news
Prepare the portfolio: the DGT in favor of one of the government’s most controversial measures. Read the news
Best Bluetooth transmitters for your old car radio. Read the report
Beware, these everyday habits are damaging your brain. Read the news
Resin is the new ecological oil to make biodegradable plastic, and Spain is the leading European power. Read the news
This NASA website allows you to observe the Earth from space and discover what our satellites do. Read the news
Morning coffee helps prevent all of these diseases, according to new studies. Read the news
They turn a missile silo into a luxury resort where you can be locked up for up to 5 years. Read the news
Author Clock, the clock that tells the time using literary quotes. Read the news
Lidl sells a strange and practical advent calendar that you have probably never seen. Read the news
This has been the tech news summary of the day. Have a nice day!
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