Google For India: Tech giant announces new features for Indian users; Details inside – Republic World

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Google recently hosted the annual ‘Google For India’ event where the company announced new updates specifically for the Indian market. Google has partnered with several companies in the country to extend the benefits of the growing economy in the country to even more people. The announcements talked about Google’s growing focus on product innovations that will help new Internet users in India get easier access to information in Indian languages, create more natural ways for local language speakers to interact with the internet, make the Android experience more helpful, and provide support to India’s small businesses and youth.
Speaking at the event, Sanjay Gupta, Country Head & Vice President, Google India, said, “Across people, businesses, and institutions, the outbreak of COVID-19 has catapulted India’sadoption of digital to unprecedented levels. With the fundamental drivers of digitization now in place, and millions of new users coming online, India’s goal of becoming a truly digital economy is within sight. It is now imperative that we step up our efforts in building products that are even more inclusive of India’s diverse and unique needs. 
Google has a large market in India. Given that there are millions of users across the country that access Google’s services on a daily basis, the company wishes to grow by including more users on the platform by removing the language barrier. Stay tuned for more technology news.