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HOUSTON — A man born and raised in the Bayou City is standing for Houston by helping his friends in the blind community.
Frank Richardson said he’s been volunteering with vision-impaired people for more than two decades.
“There’s a Bible verse: ‘To whom much is given, much is expected,’” Richardson said. “That’s how I feel.”
On Richardson’s “Frank in Houston” TikTok account, he’s amassed nearly one million followers.
“I’m just a guy you know what I mean,” Richardson said. “People make it like it’s this huge thing and all I’m doing is picking them up and taking them to dinner and taking them grocery shopping.”
On Saturdays, Richardson takes his friends, Adair, Angelo, Perry and Becky, who are vision impaired, grocery shopping. He also tries to take them out for dinner on Tuesdays after work. He’s a financial advisor.
Several of Richardson’s TikTok videos have gone viral. Many of them end with a joke.
“Hey Becky, why did the picture go to jail?” Perry asks in one.
“I don’t know, Perry,” Becky replies. “Why did the picture go to jail?”
“Because it was framed,” Perry says.
Angelo, Perry and Becky are blind, but they can see what Richardson is doing for them.
KHOU 11 News wanted to see for ourselves. We went to dinner with them at Fajita Pete’s on Memorial Drive.
From the outside looking in, KHOU 11 got a glimpse of what Frank in Houston’s followers see on TikTok.
“So Angelo, Thanksgiving is coming up. What are you thankful for?” Richardson asked.
“I’m thankful for my family, friends and my good health,” Angelo said.
While the journey as friends continues, it only seemed fitting the story ends with a joke.
“Hey Perry, did you know some people like to eat snails?” Angelo asked.
“Why would they eat snails?” Perry responded.
“I guess they don’t like fast food,” Angelo replied.
If you’d like to see more of Frank in Houston’s TikTok videos here’s the link.
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