St. Cloud Metro Bus ConneX Ride Share Service Extended Again – KNSI

(KNSI) — Metro Bus says its ConneX shared ride service will be extended until at least the end of next year.
The pilot program, which began in 2019, was set to end in June of that year and has been extended several times. In early 2020, it was extended again, and later in 2020, it was extended again with new hours and an increased fare. That was due to changes in ridership due to COVID-19. Officials with Metro Bus say ConneX is being extended again, this time through the end of 2022.
Metro Bus says the latest extension gives them time to gather and analyze ridership data and study the program’s effectiveness and efficiency. A decision about whether it will be permanent still has not been made.
ConneX serves the Sartell area seven days a week. Learn more by clicking here.
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