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SAN DIEGO — Are you living the life you deserve filled with joy, peace and love? The truth is many of us are not. But what if you could move beyond fear and self-doubt and discover a more powerful life driven by love? Psychotherapist and author Patti Henry joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share ways to make that shift, healing childhood wounds, embracing a more empowered self and discovering the possibilities of a more joyful life.
Henry has been a psychotherapist for 33 years and is the author of Two Lifetimes.  In her new book, she says she believes we all have the opportunity to live two lifetimes on this planet. The first lifetime is run by fear, hurt, trauma, anger and emotional wounds and narratives that we learned as children.
“We all get wounded in our childhood, could be from parents, teachers, coaches or friends,” said Henry.  “We carry this wound with us. It’s like computer programming until you wake up to another level of knowing that it doesn’t have to be that way. If I don’t wake up to that other level and turn in my victim card and say ‘I am not a victim. I’m in charge of my life,’ if I don’t get to the grieving and the forgiveness, then I just carry it around with me and its baggage.  It’s the baggage you bring with you that you’re destined to repeat in your relationships if you don’t become aware of them and make different choices.”
Henry says we have the opportunity to outgrow that way of thinking and transform it into a second lifetime, where we choose love, embrace our authentic self with a deep connection to peace and joy. Two Lifetimes is teaching people how to move from lifetime one to lifetime two, to help people get connected to loving themselves and outgrowing the wounds they were given as a child.
As a psychotherapist, Henry works with adults who are stuck and with couples.  It takes considerable effort to protect, nurture and grow a marriage.  
“I have a really high percentage rate of healing couples and healing their marriages,” said Henry.
In fact, the author says one of her clients actually bought 50 copies of her book Two Lifetimes to gift to couples who were getting married.
“She said had I had this information at the beginning of my marriage, I could have spared us a lot of pain and suffering and conflict. It’s got some invaluable information, especially for those who are just getting married,”  added Henry.
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