Cary deploys LoRaWAN technology to improve services to residents – SmartCitiesWorld

By leveraging LoRaWAN connectivity and SAS’ data analytics, Cary will be able to better monitor floods and provide additional community services to its citizens.
The US town of Cary, North Carolina, is collaborating with SAS Institute and Semtech to establish a centre of excellence focused on the development and deployment of edge-to-cloud IoT solutions, to upgrade community services.
“This partnership represents an exciting new chapter in our IoT journey. We see so much potential for community-focused solutions in this collaboration with Semtech and SAS,” said Nicole Raimundo, chief information officer at the town of Cary.
“We believe that IoT technology has amazing potential to streamline services, making us more agile and responsive. It will help us continue to meet citizen needs in surprising new ways, and we’re honoured by these companies’ commitment to improving lives through innovation in the government space.”
In a previous collaboration, SAS and Cary worked to address stormwater flooding in the Walnut Creek watershed located in downtown Cary. IoT rain gauges and stream sensors were placed in multiple areas throughout the watershed to improve situational awareness on the ground and help predict and better manage flood events.
“The centre of excellence will be a leading example of how cities and towns in the US can leverage IoT data and analytics for a smarter, safer planet”
Last year, the pilot project secured a Government Innovation Award (“Leveraging IoT for Increased Flood Protection”) among several others.
IoT solutions powered by SAS, built on Microsoft Azure, provide real-time insights into data and analytics generated across multiple use cases that help solve specific challenges and offer an interconnected world with better ways to monitor and safeguard communities, people and resources.
“IoT is forcing a fundamental shift of business and operational strategies as organisations adopt new models for agile IT, edge analytics and platform-based security,” said Jason Mann, vice president of IoT at SAS.
“The town of Cary adopting SAS and Semtech solutions will expand its current services while building a digital infrastructure to better meet the needs of its citizens.”
According to Semtech, the end-to-end solutions, incorporating LoRaWAN connectivity with SAS’ IoT analytics platform, will simplify the development of IoT solutions that are focused on solving some of the biggest challenges facing the world today: natural disasters, hunger and sustainability.
“The centre of excellence will be a leading example of how cities and towns in the US can leverage IoT data and analytics for a smarter, safer planet,” said Alistair Fulton, vice president and general manager of Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group.
“In addition, deploying these IoT solutions will create better community services for their residents.”