Resident with failing vision wants crosswalk painted near postal station – Villages-News

A resident with failing vision wants a crosswalk painted on the roadway near his postal station in The Villages.
Ed Bosnak of the Village of Hadley made the request Thursday morning at the Community Development District 7 Board of Supervisors meeting at SeaBreeze Recreation Center.
Bosnak said he has no vision in his right eye and suffers macular degeneration in his left eye. One of the things he still enjoys is walking to the postal station. However, traffic has made his daily walk a danger.
“People driving on Odell Circle can’t keep it at 20 miles per hour,” Bosnak told the board members.
He said the crosswalk could add a layer of protection for pedestrians.
CDD 7 Board Chairman Jerry Vicenti pointed out that it was CDD 7 that set in motion the traffic light that was installed in 2014 on Colony Boulevard, providing for greater safety for golf carts crossing that busy thoroughfare.
“It is probably one of the best things any district every did,” Vicenti said.
The board agreed to look into Bosnak’s request. It could fall under the Project Wide Advisory Committee or, possibly, Sumter County.
“If Project Wide doesn’t agree to it, we could spend our own money. Project Wide doesn’t have to have the last say on this,” Vicenti said.
The board wants to see see what the cost would be for the crosswalk.
“But when it comes to safety, the cost goes out the window,” Vicenti said.
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