The way Steven Spielberg recreated America in his vision – Haaretz

After five decades, the career of the director who spawned a new era in Hollywood isn't slowing down. Seen as a genius from the get-go, he has created an unimaginable abundance of works, all set in the same Spielbergian universe: the United States of America
When I was asked to write an article marking 50 years since the first broadcast of the 1971 television movie “Duel,” which introduced a promising 25-year-old director named Steven Spielberg, I found myself hitting a wall.
What was there to say about Spielberg, for whom “prodigy” is the most appropriate description, that hasn’t already been said many times? And yet, a few weeks before the December 7 premiere of his latest effort – a remake of the musical “West Side Story” – and his 75th birthday on December 18, it bears asking whether the designation of “prodigy” is not also an obstacle to a proper assessment of his work, whose richness and fecundity are nearly inconceivable.