New technology revolutionizing Rotator Cuff surgeries –
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Almost any injury can be painful and the goal is to rehabilitate it without surgical procedures, but sometimes a procedure is the best option.
A rotator cuff injury can happen to almost anyone and the recovery and process can vary in many, but it’s more than likely painful and uncomfortable.
With new medical technology from Stryker, InSpace is a new procedure that can revolutionize the future of rotator cuff surgeries and recuperation.
Rotator Cuff tears can be unbearable and the pain is usually what brings patients into Dr. Michael Cantrell’s office. The Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist says the pain that they feel in their “arm” is actually between their shoulder and their elbow.
“The injury is pretty uncomfortable and the initial right after the surgery can be pretty uncomfortable as well,” Dr. Cantrell told News 19.
Normally, Dr. Cantrell treats his patients with the orthoscopic method, “So that means small incisions, using a camera and we repair the cuff back to the humorous, back to the arm bone, we do that with stitches and little anchors.”
That pain can sometimes have been there for years, making the rotator cuff basically, irreparable.
With Stryker’s new InSpace technology, it’s helping change that, by using a balloon to help assist the rotator cuff as it works to raise your arm.
“And this does that for you, and so that it kind of replaces that function of the rotator cuff so it makes the function better and the pain much less. Actually, it’s a balloon, that we place in while it’s deflated and then inflate it,” Dr. Cantrell said.
Not only will this make the process less painful, but Dr. Cantrell says it will transform how the rotator cuff procedures are done from here on out.
“So for folks who have a massive irreparable cuff tear, it can be really a game-changer. It’s been used for many, many years in Europe. It’s brand new to the United States and I expect it to be a big help for our patients.”
Should the patient not get the relief they want, they can get future procedures if needed.

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