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There are some clear trends emerging and you may hear a lot of hype around digital work space, says Breathe Technology.
Lucy at Breathe Technology writes:
As we are nearing the end of a very different year, I wanted to make you aware of some new services that are available. These services are a direct result of us responding to our customer IT requirements, based on a very different mind-set towards the working environment.
Many of our customers are still working remotely, some from the office but most in some kind of Hybrid environment. There has also been many that have changed the office setup. Some reducing offices and others adapting it to suit a different working style. Ultimately, IT needs to be more flexible than ever.
There are some clear trends emerging and you may hear a lot of hype around digital work space.
We will send some more information regarding this over the next few months. However, the following services are available to you that will help you create a more collaborative, flexible working environment that caters for all the functionality and security you may need and help with cost savings and remove the reliance on old fashioned IT being in the office.
Did you know that Breathe offers the following services, feeding into a DIGITAL WORK PLACE model?
Breathe Easy – Voice
Breathe Easy – Private Cloud
Web design, SharePoint Development, Online Advertising Management (Google AdWords) and the very exciting, Breathe Easy – Business Hub
Breathe Easy – Voice is a feature rich, cost-effective cloud telephony system, designed to work from anywhere!
BT are ceasing all the older copper lines. Cloud systems running over the internet is the next evolution.
A physical PBX system on site represents a single point of failure. When it breaks, you have no phones and it will only work again when an engineer has visited with a part to fix the issue. The advantages of using a cloud system is that you gain the redundancy of a cloud solution and the service provider is responsible for the redundancy and resilience of the cloud solution.
With a cloud system, you will never have the cost of replacing the system when it’s old or having to repair it.
You will always have the latest software and functionality. A bit like Office 365.
From a cost perspective, often it’s cost neutral. By that, we mean that the costs you save from telephone line rental and call charges, most of the time covers the cost of the new system. Never mind the cost of replacing the system, which disappears.
Click here for the Breathe Easy – Voice Brochure
Click here for the handset list and Handset Prices
Schools and businesses are moving to the “cloud” and you probably have some cloud systems already. Most of us do. When talking about cloud, we normally think of public cloud. Things like Microsoft Azure (Inc. Office 365) or Amazon web services.
When looking at Cloud deployments, we now know that certain things work better in the cloud than other and some things are more cost effective than others.
Private Cloud is the latest trend, allowing you to have a very simple and cost-effective model.
Place your existing equipment in our dedicated Breathe Easy, Private Cloud Facility in Cambridge and ‘outsource your server room’…but get all the bells and whistles that you normally get with the Cloud. 99% Uptime Guarantee, Power with generator failover, Air conditioning with failover, Environmental Monitoring, High levels of physical security.
It’s a great place to put your offsite disaster recover backup, if you only have one office.
You can decommission your old equipment and simply use our infrastructure and have cloud infrastructure at a low monthly cost.
It’s very simple to arrange, we take care of the entire process for you
It’s very cost effective in comparison to Azure. Some of our customers now have private cloud for what they used to pay for their internet connections.
You are no longer attached to a physical server room that you are responsible for. A bit like outsourcing your server room and gaining extra freedom to focus on your organisations requirements. This means you can now work from anywhere at any time. Or change the office setup without thinking about where the IT goes.
You can also create a hybrid network with equipment you may need or want to keep at your premises. It’s completely flexible.
Click here for the Breathe Easy – Private Cloud Brochure
You may or may not know, but we actually have a great team of Graphic and Web Designers that work for some of our customers… it’s probably not as well-known as the fact that we provide IT Managed Services. It’s really a value-add service for our existing customers. We wanted to mention this to you today as there is a massive tie in with SharePoint. If you aren’t already using SharePoint, then you are probably missing out…
In addition to this we offer the following:
Secure web hosting. This means that you have higher levels of firewalling and security because web sites are actively being targeted. Most customers are shocked when we show them their security reports on how many attacks have been avoided.
Google AdWords Management. We help you design your online presence and sales process, then implement your AdWords Campaigns. It’s the only real way today, to be found and generate enquiries from the web.
And then the next big thing in IT. SharePoint…
SharePoint is an incredibly powerful tool. Yes, you can reduce servers on site and CAPEX IT spend by moving your data into the cloud. Yes, it can be mapped to your desktop like traditional server folders.
However, it’s a lot more powerful than that and many Apps are available in the SharePoint store to build a powerful data repository and collaboration platform that can share data and applications with your staff but also your customers.
One of the best things is that it’s free… well not quite. It’s included in your office 365 subscription.
Breathe have taken it a step further and designed, what we call the Breathe Easy – Business Hub.
Imagine logging on in the morning and you have a custom, digital interface for your business that has a button or a link for everything you and your team needs:
Links to regularly used documents by department i.e., expenses form or a policy for HR
Buttons for all your various applications, regardless of whether it’s in the cloud or on a server
Shared Calendars
A page or folder for each department
A message from the CEO
It’s branded, the layout designed for you, it’s intuitive… making your digital world simple and easy to use.
Click here for the Breathe Easy – Business Hub Brochure
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