Letters to the editor: Job creation under infrastructure measure; vision of America – Yahoo News

The passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a major step to address aging roads and bridges, replace lead piping, provide internet and improve other modes of transportation.
Just as important are the jobs it will create and resurrect.
This does not give federal, state and local government license to enlarge government payroll. Officials and personnel have been in place for years. Highway departments, for example, have been working to identify, plan and prioritize needed projects for years. Projects are ready to start. Funding is the problem. The state Route 8 bridge replacement is a prime example.
Consider this: When evaluating a charitable organization, we try to find for every dollar given, how many cents of the dollar reach the intended cause.
It is imperative that the maximum dollar amount be used for its intended purposes. When more government jobs are added, it means there is less money to have lead pipes replaced, fewer roads and bridges repaired or replaced, etc.
Listen to the spin and follow the money.
James G. Simpson, Cuyahoga Falls
[Record migrant apprehensions at the southern border], raging inflation, skyrocketing energy costs, Americans left behind in Afghanistan, schools declining, rising crime, record shootings, fewer police, stifled free speech, paying people not to work, spending money like it's other people’s, tax breaks for the rich. All this in just a few short months.
We constantly hear how America is divided and we need to come together (media pushing an agenda). What they really mean is that we all need to move to the left. After seeing the liberals' vision of America, I’m pretty sure that division will continue to grow. There won’t be any kumbaya moments soon.
At least parents are revolting against schools after they saw what they are and aren’t teaching during the pandemic. We used to be debating democracy from different points of view. Now we’re debating democracy on the right versus socialism (Bernie Sanders and the “Squad” leadership) on the left.
Carl Shay, Stow
Recently, people died and 125 others were wounded, most of them police, at a Stop the Steal protest. This ongoing unrest was prompted by disappointing election results, came to a head over claims of fraudulent elections results that were dismissed due to a lack of evidence, and culminated with a failed assassination attempt. After that, a protester was quoted as saying, “We don’t accept the election results and we don’t accept the blame.” I am talking about the Iranian militia-inspired protests in Iraq, and the attempt to murder Iraq Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.
Nothing like our situation. Only the vice president was targeted for assassination — OK, also the speaker of the House — and it isn’t Iran pulling strings, but our last president. Very different.
Bob Pelle, Copley
This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Opinion: Infrastructure measure should not mean bigger government
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