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benjamin, the only business support system driven by AI and specifically designed for the wealth management industry, announced today that leading RIA firm Eide Bailly Financial Services (EBFS) has selected benjamin to automate many of the firm’s workflows while standardizing processes.
benjamin’s AI-driven workflow automation engine will be deployed by EBFS to automate a number of processes, including the client meeting process from end to end. As part of that workflow automation, benjamin automatically delivers timely communications directly with the client with no human involvement to calendar the next meeting. From there, benjamin kicks off automated workflows to help EBFS’s advisors prepare for the meeting by organizing documents, pulling reports, and integrating notes from past meetings into one elegant pre-meeting package. Post meeting, benjamin updates EBFS’s CRM with the notes from the meeting and then automatically communicates with the client to schedule the next follow up meeting.
“Advisors and their staff spend an extraordinary amount of time and resources manually scheduling and preparing for client meetings,” said Paul Polese, CRO of benjamin. “Firms of EBFS’s size literally conduct hundreds and hundreds of client meetings every year, a key workflow and process that can and should be automated. Now, with benjamin, EBFS will be able to scale their business by eliminating much of the manual back and forth of scheduling meetings, as well as pulling together the key elements needed to prepare for those meetings.”
As an AI-driven business support system, benjamin’s advanced design enables RIAs to automate much of the client journey from streamlining the prospecting process, simplifying onboarding, coordinating meeting scheduling and preparation, as well as ongoing client engagement and relationship management. The combination of these key features provides RIA firms with quantifiable and significant scalable benefits such as increased capacity, operational efficiencies, increased productivity and client service enhancements.
“As our business has grown, we had created a bunch of inconsistent and time-consuming processes that were slowing us down and limiting our capacity as we are a full-service firm,” said Cassity Wingenbach Director of Practice Management for EBFS. “We are very excited now that benjamin to be able to gain consistency in our client experience by standardizing and automating our processes which will elevate our advisors and staff to being able to be more client focused. The powerful efficiencies we are gaining from benjamin will be the way we will scale our business going forward.”
First up on EBFS’s workflow automation projects with benjamin will be to streamline account oversight through alerts on cash and activity levels. These efficiencies and business intelligence from benjamin will enable EBFS’s advisors and client service teams to be more proactive in identifying opportunities to improve the client’s financial situation, further enhancing the client experience they are providing.
Recently benjamin was named the winner in wealthmanagement.com’s prestigious Industry Awards Program in a brand-new advisor technology category of Business Support Systems. A judging panel of industry experts and luminaries recognized benjamin for its innovations in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the advisor tech stack, as well as launching an entirely new category of financial advisor technology to automate many of the manual workflows that limit advisor capacity and firm growth.
To learn more benjamin, log onto http://www.Getbenjamin.com.
About benjamin
benjamin is the financial industry’s first ever business support system driven by AI which seamlessly integrates the software tools and data used by advisors and their teams to better service their clients. benjamin elegantly automates a myriad of time-consuming and menial yet imperative tasks, providing the advisor more time to foster value-added client relationships. The productivity gained by benjamin’s presence empowers firms to quickly scale their business and profitability. Originally created by a multi-billion dollar investment advisory firm, benjamin is now independent, and used by financial advisors nationwide to better serve both current and future families. For more information, visit http://www.Getbenjamin.com
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