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Office of the NEW YORK
NYS Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli
In October, the Office of the State Comptroller approved 1,553 contracts for state agencies and public authorities valued at $1.6 billion and approved more than 2.5 million payments worth more than $11.2 billion. The office rejected 137 contracts and related transactions valued at $218.3 million and more than 3,700 payments valued at nearly $11 million, primarily for mistakes, insufficient support for charges, and improper payments. More information on these contracts and payments is available at Open Book New York.
OSC rejected tax refunds and credits valued at more than $4 million. The Comptroller’s auditors also recovered nearly $367,000 from vendors owing debts to the state.
Cumulatively through October for calendar year 2021, the Comptroller’s office has approved 14,130 contracts valued at $163.4 billion and has approved nearly 171.1 million payments worth more than $174.5 billion, including more than 153.6 million unemployment insurance payments valued at nearly $43.6 billion. The office has rejected 1,316 contracts and related transactions valued at $5.4 billion and nearly 217,700 payments valued at nearly $262.2 million primarily due to errors, improprieties or lack of documentation.
Track state and local government spending at Open Book New York. Under State Comptroller DiNapoli’s open data initiative, search millions of state and local government financial records, track state contracts, and find commonly requested data.
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