Exclusive: Comprehensive tour of Honeywell’s new Uptown tech hub – WNCT

by: Taylor Young
CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – More and more companies are uprooting themselves to Queen City. The newest addition is Honeywell.
In a nutshell, Honeywell is a technology company, but it can’t be placed in a single box.
Founded more than a century ago, it is constantly reinventing its services that are used by a wide range of industries across the Globe.
“But the core of what we do is provide technology, software, and connected offerings that are all related to control systems and controlling things, whether it’s airplanes or a building or an industrial plant,” Global Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Kimbell said.
Technology like an interactive dashboard designed for schools, hospitals, and commercial real estate.
“This is really part of the software, the secret sauce that Honeywell has developed for buildings,” Experience Program Leader Brittany Singer said.
The 3D model calculates building temperature, capacity, and air quality all in real-time.
“Here is the temperature information,” Singer said while pointing at the dashboard. “This is giving a day-by-day overview of each of the floors.”
Beyond inventing innovative technology, Honeywell has to sell its products to potential customers.  It’s a task that is not taken lightly and even given its own floor.
“We use these displays to really explain to them in a way that can easily understand,” Kimbell said.
The company has nearly 90 offices across the globe.
Three weeks ago, it welcomed employees into its brand-new hub on Mint Street.
“Why was Charlotte the chosen location,” Fox 46’s Chief Busines Correspondent Taylor Young asked.
“There was an extensive study done of various locations around the US for our new headquarters and the team that worked on that looked at a variety of factors and concluded that based on what was the best amount of several variables, Charlotte really popped to the top of the list,” Kimbell said.
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