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Deb Cleveland is the founder & CEO at Small Town Dynasty. Cleveland is an entrepreneur and real estate investor, and she mentors women on how to flip houses and build personal wealth. 
What has been your biggest challenge or obstacle as a woman in your particular role? How have you overcome those obstacles? At my age and experience, I don’t face some of the challenges I did when I was younger and less experienced. When I was younger, I faced quite a bit of sexual undertones when working with men that had power to make critical decisions. I chose to always handle myself and business in a very professional way. This approach has always served me well. The other challenge is that the guys have a way of hanging out together, which is normal and natural for them. Men are less likely to do this with women in business and women are less likely to do this with other women in business. The way I have overcome this obstacle is by having immaculate follow-up and follow-through, being a person that honors my word and providing A-plus service to my clients.
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“By taking jobs with the right firms applying the right strategies, I worked my way into roles where I learned even more than I would have expected, which furthered my career.”
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Kelsi Borland |
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The New CRE Imperative: Achieving Digital Transformation to Meet Office Demands of the Future
Digital transformation has become a business imperative. As CRE shifts from an asset lease to a service delivery model, data-driven decision making will continue to mature. Download this eBook for a roadmap and best practices to achieving the benefits of digitization.
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Why Landlords Must Adopt and Refine Flex Strategies to Survive a Rapidly Changing Real Estate Market
This multi-perspective research process discovered several disparities between what landlords offer in the flex space market and what tenants expect. Download now for key insights and what landlords could gain by meeting expectations.
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The Most In-Demand Amenities for Millennial and Gen Z Renters
In order to reach the fastest-growing renter segments in the U.S. (Gen Z and Millennials), property owners need to stand out from the crowd with amenities that fit renter needs. This whitepaper explores the emerging trends that are attracting these renters, along with the amenities that will shape expectations for digital access, financial flexibility and convenience for years to come.
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